Category: Exhibition

Address: 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris - LA GRANDE HALLE

Access: Metro line 5 Porte de Pantin, tram 3b Porte de Pantin station

Opening hours: May 15 - August 9, Tuesday - Sunday 10: 00-19: 00 (Friday - Saturday until 22:00)



A special exhibit was held at La Grande Halle in PARC DE LA VILLETTE, in the northeastern end of Paris. The exhibition, which started in Japan in 2001, is regarded as a new exhibition that goes beyond the boundaries of art, science, technology, and imagination. Its reputation and popular virtues make it an unobtrusive visitor all day long.



A feast of light spreading 360 degrees. It also stimulates the imagination of adults as well as children, such as animals and insects, created by the light that changes color and shape and the light that crawls under the feet.


Another reason why this exhibition is special. It is not an exhibition that moves as it is woven, but an interactive exhibition that changes its shape and light according to the movement of the audience. By showing new communication with audiences, we create different exhibitions every time. The audience also feels as if they are part of their work.



Waterfall falls coolly from an elevation of 11m, and it also shows the essence of interactive art. As you touch the waterfall, the water splits and the graphics escape your hand. A space where the continuous communication of work and audience continues.


There are no seats, only room to stand freely or sit on the floor. If you sit still, the scene changes, and the sunflower field turns yellow. The charm of this exhibition is that it is not a static work but a constantly changing and slowly changing light.



There is also a work expressing finite life. Flowers bloom, eggs hatch, show endless repetition of life's birth and death, and express finite life. As soon as the audience touches the screen, a round shape is formed around the hands, and the surface is finally taken over.


The greatest attraction of the exhibition is freedom. As well as the exhibition features, visitors can freely watch. There are a variety of people who lie down, sit on the wall, and dance and dance as part of their work. Why do not you try to become one with your work for a while while you are watching the exhibition?



Exhibitions that both men and women and young people are bound to love. It was an exhibition that attracted the audience and the communication of works rather than a great deal of speciality. La Villette park is very wide and it can be difficult to find an exhibition hall. Follow the 'GRANDE HALLE' sign.


Wrriten and photographed by Yuna Lee