Theatre in Paris

Category: French Theatre Play tickets (with English supertitles)

Price: from 40 €

Locations: 20 different theatre grounds in Paris (select your location on the website)



"Theatre in Paris" is a French start up that allows foreign tourists to attend and understand Parisian Theatre Plays. Theatre in Paris provides the foreign tourists with an easy booking website and English on-titles during the play inside the theatre. 

 Attending Theatre Plays is a very Parisian habit. Most Parisian families attend the theatre quite regularly. This is part of local Parisian life. Although Paris is less famous than London for its theatre plays, the city of Paris has as many theatre grounds as London. Moreover, London is famous for its comedy shows while Paris is famous for its theatre plays. Do you wish to behave like a local educated Parisian? "Theatre in Paris" gives you the chance ! 



How does it work?  After booking on their website the day and type/name of the play you would like to attend, you will follow these steps. Do not forget to first click on O'bon Paris coupon to get your discount. 


While arriving at le Theatre du Splendid, Christophe, founder of the start up, gives us a warm welcome at the entrance door. We could easily recognize him thanks to his identification badge of Theatre in Paris. Christophe is a local Parisian whose passion is theatre. 


Christophe explained us the history of the theatre ground (Theatre du Splendid) and introduces the French play we were going to attend "Around the World in 80 Days" of Jules Verne. Thus, through his introduction, he made us travel in the history of the theatre and gave us very good background to better understand the play of Jules Verne. 


Then, Christophe made us discover an unknown secret area of the theatre that is usually not open to visitors and took us to our seats. We were considered as preferred customers. It was a quite unique moment. 



The play started. We sat in a very beautiful theatre ground, enjoying the local atmosphere all around us. Infact, there were only Parisians around us. The great advantage of the theatre provided by "Theatre in Paris" website is that the play will be done with English on-titles. After an adaptation time to read the on-titles, you will appreciate the play while actually understanding. 


The show was great. There were lots of jokes related to different cultures, especially on the French stereotypes. Plus, the show was very comical.  

 So, if you want to experience local Parisian life and you enjoy French theatre, "Theatre in Paris" is a great tip for you. You can first dowload the O'bon Paris coupon to enjoy discounted price. Click the coupon below (mobile version) or on the top right (computer version).