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Three SIM VS Orange holiday

You can travel fuss free by purchasing local Sim card instead of paying obscene telecommunication charges when travelling internationally. We are committed to providing you with the best options with discounts.You can compare the services by Three and Orange below and choose the service best suited to your travelling plans.



Three SIM card can be purchased at 26,90 euros.
In addition to 300 minutes of calls in the UK and 3,000 SMS, 3G data communication throughout Europe is available for 12 GB for 30 days. Like Orange's SIM card, the usage period is calculated from the moment of using the Internet.

Buy Three SIM card Http://obonparisthree.simoptions.com/



Orange is one of the most famous telecommunication services in France.
At the airport, you can purchase the SIM card for about 40 euros, but if purchased through O'Bon Paris, you get the same Sim card for 37.90 euros. You can now also order online and have it shipped to your home before travelling.

14 days, 10GB data, 4G communication in about 40 countries in Europe, 2 hours of calls to all over the world.

The process couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is purchase the sim card, insert the SIM in an unlocked mobile phone, and reboot or restart your phone and you're ready to use the sim. Your 14 days start as soon as you use the internet.

Buy Orange Holiday SIM card  Http://obonparis.simoptions.com/


※ Notes

1. If you are using a mobile phone with the SIM card lock setting, you must unlock to use the service.
2. Rates may differ based exchange rate.


1. When purchasing, a site called SimOptions will be displayed, is it legit?
It is a partner of O'Bon Paris offering SIM card. Please purchase with confidence.

2. Is personal hotspot available?
It can not be used on the Three SIM option (although it is possible on a system basis not recommended), Orange can officially use hot spots.

3. Can you track shipping?
Yes, you can track the shipment here after your purchase.

4. Is it possible to receive directly in Paris?
Yes, you can pick up at SimOptions office in Paris (23 Rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris). Please select local receipt at the time of purchase.

5.  I want to know how to unlock SIM card lock.
Contact the customer centre of each carrier and check if SIM lock is done. Depending on the purchase situation, the timing to unlock is decided or you may be charged a fee when you cancel, please be careful.

6.  I am worried that additional fee will be incurred.
Please do not worry because it will not be added, the service fee is prepaid by card at the time of purchase.

7.  What if I want to use additional plans after using the plan?
1) When you use Orange Holiday SIM card, you can top-up on Orange HP, but with Three SIM card, you can only purchase online with a credit card from British banks.
2) You can also purchase coupons in the UK (Three SIM case) and in France (Orange case) at supermarkets and each carrier's store.

8. How can I pay?
VISA, MasterCard and other overseas settlement credit cards, PayPal can also be used.


If you are travelling to Europe, you should definitely consider using these services as you will save money and time and be well informed and connected while you are travelling.

Don't forget to use the O'Bon Paris coupons to avail the discounts.

Bon Voyage!