Authentic French outlet: One Nation


Type: Outlet

Address: 1 rue du Président Kennedy, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-Bois (Near the Versailles)

Traffic: 1. One Nation shuttle bus is available at Port de la Bourdonnais where near the Tower Eiffel.

                     Online booking:

                  2. Take train Line N from Montparnasse Station to Villepreux - Les Clayes Station (about 30 min).



Compared with the famous VALEÉ VILLAGE, ONE NATION, which opened in 2013, is a little bit deserted, but it doesn't change it's high quality and cheap price. As an outlet, everything here is 30%-50% cheaper than the price in Paris city. If using o'Bon Paris coupon, you will enjoy an additional 10% off, plus the 12% of tax refund (foodstuff can get 3% tax refund) if consumption over 175.01 Euro.  Most of goods here are just half of the price or more, comparing with the other malls. ONE NATION OUTLET is the first real "French" outlet. There are more than 70% shops here are local brands. 


After showing your O'bon Prais coupon at the welcome center, you will receive a 10%-off VIP card, which is validated in the entire day. 


The welcome center provides thoroughly information about the VIP card and tax refund in 7 languages including French, English, Spanish, Italian, Germany, Chinese and Japanese.



Lafayette Outlet

ONE NATION has the only Lafayette outlet in the whole of Paris. All the goods are 30% cheaper than the Lafayette in downtown, with many famous brands such as TORY BURCH, MICHAEL KORS, SAINT LAURNET, POLO, UGG and so forth. 



AGÈNS B. is popluar among the world for its simple but very French style. No matter bags, clothes, accessories for man and woman can be found in the shop.




The outlet of ARMANI occupied the whole corner in the second floor of ONE NATION. It provides most of brands under the ARMANI group including clothes, shoes, watch, bags and sunglasses.




This young French brand attracts many young women with its simple, fashionable and lovely style. There are plenty of 2018 summer dress collection which presents the latest pink-and-red combination fashion trend.



It is 100% made by Cashmere. NOT SHY tramsforms the Cashmere fashion style with modern elements. It is a good deal to buy Cashmere clothes that is 30% cheaper than the one in downtown here.




You can also find the famous French fashion brand BENSIMON here. Its unique shoes are very popular in Asia, especially in Korea and in Japan.



Not only clothes but also French tea can be found in ONE NATION OUTLET. KUSMI TEA, the most famous tea brand in France, is one of the good souvenirs for your family and friends. Don't miss its 2018 summer new favor: AquaRosa!




It is a world-class suitcase brand. There are a wide range of suitcase collections for all the ages. You can enjoy 30% cheaper price in ONE NATION OUTLET, additional 10% discount with o'Bon Paris coupon and 12% tax refund if over 175.01 Euro! It is one of must-to-buy stuff here for sure. 



Coffeemakers, various pans and diverse kitchen utensil are sold in HOME & COOK. Don't miss the safe and good-to-use TEFAL pans!



ONE NATION OUTLET is located near the Versailles. No enough time to visit another sightseeing spot after the Versailles? A good alternative is to order the ONE NATION OUTLET and VERSAILLES shuttle package. You can enjoy French culutre and shopping on the same day without transportation concerns.

Except for some specific shops, your final consumption amount can be calculated accumulatively. If the final amount is over 175.01 Euros, you can receive 12% tax refund of non-foodstuff and 3% tax refund of foodstuff. The tax refund procedure is made in the welcome centre. 


Writer: Yaya Teng

Photographer: Yuna Lee

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