Romantic cruise trip over the Seine in Paris

Paris Seine river cruise

There are so many wonderful things to see in Paris that your trip schedule will be really tight. On the other hand, it is hard to give up diverse and attractive sightseeing spots to not to be rushed, as your goal is to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Paris as much as possible. There is a way to make your journey easier and more leisurely while enjoying the most that Paris has to offer. One of the solutions is Vedettes de Paris: a sightseeing cruise that flows down the Seine river. Vedettes de Paris offers an unforgettable picturesque night or day cruise ride to those who are visiting Paris for the first time or to those who have already been here are are re-exploring the city.


Paris VEDETTES DE PARIS recommendation

Special cruise on the Seine will add precious moments during your Paris trip

There are a variety of cruises in Paris, but Vedettes de Paris is different because of its size and appearance. It resembles more a real boat and is less flashy than other boats, which provides a more authentic experience. The size of the boat allows for a comofortable viewing of all the sights without cramming and pushing people out of the way in order to see and take photos. The Seine riverbank is great for a stroll, a picnic, or to read a book. Vedettes in Paris allows you to experience the Seine river in a different, less crouded way that will leave you with wonderful memories of the entire city of Paris. 



Finding the Vedettes in Paris dock is easy. See the Eiffel Tower? The dock is directly under it! After visiting Trocadero Square, the Eiffel Tower, and Champs de Mars Park, you can finish off your day with a lovely cruise on the Seine river. 


 Paris romantic cruise memory

The Vedettes de Paris cruise has two floors. The ground floor contains indoor seating which we recommend for the safety of your children or if the weather is less than desirable and you need to stay warm. The seats are not tightly packed, therefore, you can enjoy a wide panoramic view from all spots. Also, there are outdoor spots on the front and back of the boat. You also have the option to alternate your seating and move from the indoors to the outdoors at your leisure. 

On awarm day, we recommend that you go up to the second floor because from there, you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and feel the cool breeze! Vedettes de Paris also offers blankets in the cold weather, so you can enjoy panoramic views on the deck during the whole year without freezing!


Paris traveling tip: Cruise on Seine river

During the journey on the cruise, you can have a simple snack while enjoying the magnificent view. It is cheaper to buy snacks or drinks when you reserve your boarding tickets rather than purchasing items on board. You can also buy tickets and order a glass of champagne or wine. If you purchase a gourmand ticket, you have the option of one crepe or a muffin and a drink. For a snack ticket, you can get a sandwich or a hot dog with a glass of wine, beer or non-alcohol beverage. The sandiwches and hot dogs are heated in the oven prior to being served. Crepes are made on the spot when you order them, and you can choose which flavor you want! A combination of champagne and crepes over the Seine River will make your trip more special and romantic (and add the finishing touches to a very picturesque photo for your Instagram feed).


Vedettes de Paris journey

Vedettes de Paris passes through 23 attractions in Paris. They show you the must-visit spots of Paris such as Eiffel Tower, Invalides, Alexandre III Bridge, Concorde Bridge, Orsay Museum, Pont Neuf, Cite Island, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, and Chaillot Palace. Additionally, you will have a chance to look over the sites that you can't easily visit during your short stay in Paris such as Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center, American Church, Museum of the Legion of Honor, Institute of France, Paris City Hall, and much much more.



Each time the cruise passes through a tourist spot, they broadcast informative facts about each place in English. They also offer explanatory leaflets in 8 languages (German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic). 


Paris unique travel experience : Vedettes de Paris cruise

The Eiffel Tower has a light show every hour, on the hour, after sunset. Watching the glittering Eiffel Tower from Seine river is an experience one truly must have before leaving Paris. As the Vedettes de Paris cruise operates for 1 hour, if you board at sunset you will see Eiffel Tower glittering from your seat. If you were too invested in the sights on the boat and didn't see the tower sparkling, don't worry, because the Vedettes de Paris dock is located beneath the Eiffel Tower where you can enjoy the shimmering tower before and after this journey.


 Vedettes de Paris cruise in front of Eiffel Tower

O'bon Paris' tip 

Vedettes de Paris is loved by all who experience its ride, and it is a tour recommended to solo-travelers, couples, families and tourists with their children. If you want to see all the wonderous sights of Paris by day and night, we recommend that you take the cruise right before sunset. The tour takes 1 hour and departs every 30 minutes. The schedule slightly changes each month, so it is better to check it on the website in advance for times of departure. 

Don't forget to download the O'Bon Paris discount coupon and receive a 20% discount! The discount rate can be applied for a 1 hour sightseeing cruise or the ticket with the option of on board gourmand, champagne, or snack. It also applies for a one way ticket between the Eiffel tower and Pont Marie. 


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs: O'bon Paris' team


Address : Port de Suffren, 75007 Paris

Schedule : March 10:30-22:00 / April, June, September, October 10:30-23:00 / May, July, August 10:30-23:30 / November, December 11:15-21:05