Paris is one of the best places suitable for cycling on the streets.

However, if you want to ride a bike in Paris, you must know how. 

Most people give up without even trying ,such a pity.

But in fact, Velib bicyle rental is very simple and only 1.70 euros a day!



Bicycle rental method ~

First, download Vélib dedicated app


This app is used to check where the bike rental stations are,

And how many idle bikes can be rented, but of course, even without the app you can rent a bike.


Now on the streets you will find bike rental sites, they are easy to spot.

When you intend to return the bike, you can again use the app to find the station.

Very convenient!


Paris has 1,800 bike rental sites,24 hours a day, all year round

Each site is about 300 meters apart. Happy biking.



You start the process of renting a bike, you can choose 1 day ticket (1.70 €) or 7 day ticket (8 €), the system also has English interface  ~ ~

☑ Select "Purchase Ticket", press the green button V (OK button) for a brief description of the display.

☑ Choose "Ticket", 1 day ticket "1JOUR", 1 week ticket "7DAYS".

☑ The terms and conditions of use are displayed and the v button scrolls to the bottom.

☑ Set the 4-digit password to confirm the password;

 ☑ credit card payment, payment can be by credit card password, credit card is necessary yo!

※ If the bike is lost or damaged, will be charged 150 €, without any damage to the bike,there is no additional charges.



When your payment is made, it will send a ticket.

Written above the 8-digit number,

And the password you just set.

You can rent a bike.



  1. First determine the number of your bike,  selected at the machine,
  2. Enter the 8 digits before the ticket and the four-digit password you set.
  3.  Bicycle dock is on  the pillar with lights,
  4. If the light is displayed in green, press the button located just below and then pull out the bike.


Vélib 'use tips

Every time if the journey is for 30 minutes, its already paid for with the ticket(as long as you pay the first day  ticket fee)

If a period is more than 30 minutes, and you are  still riding or havent  yet returned the bike then every 30 minutes 1 euro will be charged, one hour is two euros, after  that every 30 minutes 4 euros,

These costs will be automatically deducted from the credit card, so you should pay attention to the time of each return .


If your destination is farther than 30 minutes and If you do not want to pay an extra fee every 30 minutes you could find  a new site to rent.

While  riding,  drive in the bike lane .Safety is important!

 Ride a bike ride next to the Canal  StMartin.