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Paris loves this dish. If you notice what workmen are eating in the modest restaurants of the busier quarters, you will for the next month or two find snails on five out of six plates. They are said to possess great nutritional value and to be almost a specific against consumption, so, notwithstanding their unattractive appearance, they are highly esteemed by rich and poor alike, and vast numbers are consumed every Winter

--- "When snails come to Paris," The New York Times, November 14. 1909

Snails, Romans and French

Eating snails is not a modern delicacy, its history can be traced back to Roman Empire. Long ago, Romans brought their ministock around during their expansion throughout the land of europe, according to David George Gordon in his book "The Secret World of Slugs and Snails: Life in the Very Slow Lane" .

Maybe romans ate snails for survival, but french, chefs of the world, escalate it to a kind of yummy art on the dining table. It's said that the first escargot recipe appeared in Le Menagier du Paris, circa 1394.

No one wants to miss out a recipe from a medieval manuscript, and parisians will gladly tell you that the taste of this tiny creature is definitely not "ewww".

It is "Super".

So, if you are in search of the best escargot restaurant in paris , L'Escargot Montorgueil is the place.


L'Escargot Montorgueil


With tranquil and cozy ambience, the street side table enclosed in glass gives a clear view of the parisian stone paths. Heating lamps are hidden in the green plants which encircle the restaurant and climb up to the ceiling. Inside, red and dark brown, the dominant colors, bring back a sense of french tradition, it will make you feel like you're getting invited into a delicate french country cottage.




The spiral stair symbolizes the speciality in this restaurant, escargot



Various choices for snail dishes, with detailed explanation of ingredients



Must try : Traditional Escargot & Escargot in Foie Gras

Green parsley, garlic and butter, perfectly heated, simply heaven. Served alongside the snails is delicious homemade bread. It is meat for dipping into the leftover sauce in the shell, your taste buds will be dancing.



Snails with foie gras, are so overpowering in taste, that you might feel that it's a weird mix but you'll realise it is the perfect fusion of flavors.



Le Ris De Veau

Veal meat, tender enough to be easily cut. With a traditional french sauce, fully absorbing all the tastes from the meat, just tasty.



Carre d'Agneau Roti au Four

Well cooked lamb in the red sauce, served with green coriander and mint pepper



Interesting Facts:

After a short interview with the lovely waiter, we realize, the reason that snails in this restaurant are so wonderful, is that they come from Burgundy, a region famous for its fertile soil in which snails can grow fast and big.

A trick here for the cuisine is that they take the snail meat out of the shell first, cook them, then put them back while the delicious source is already waiting to be poured into the shell.

Actually Burgundy was occupied by the romans before, so I guess that we should be thanking these roman ancestors for bringing such small tasty wonders to our tables.

Enjoy your snails!


Website: http://www.escargotmontorgueil.com/


Address: 38 Rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris


Opening hours: Monday - Sunday

12:00 am - 11:00 pm


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