Bicerin is a traditional hot drink native to Torino, Italy, and also was recognized as a "traditional Piedmontese product" in the official bulletin of the Piedmont region. Made of espresso, chocolate, milk, and served in a small rounded glass, it’s a casual thing for the Torinese having a cup of bicerin in everyday life.

Gianduiotto, is an ingots-shaped chocolate containing about 30 % hazelnut paste, which has the same ingredient with Nutella, was invented in Turin during 18th century. You could easily get a gianduiotto in the cafe or chocolate shop of Torino.

How to drink like a Torinese? Now, we are going to introduce 5 cafes you can’t miss in Torino which have best bicerin and gianduiotto, also, the Italian ice cream, gelato.  


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato


Just in 5 minutes walking distance from Palazzo Reale di Torino, Caffè Mulassano, which started as a cafe since 1925, locates in the arcade passage of Piazza Castello. The cafe in Torino usually opens from the morning until the midnight, which means people could come here whenever they want a breakfast, brunch, or just grab a snack in the very late night.

The bicerin of Caffè Mulassano is extremely smooth and of rich chocolate texture, yet blends with the espresso it doesn’t taste cloying at all. With the croissant which contains hazelnut chocolate paste inside, it will definitely make your day.


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato

The space of Caffè Mulassano is cozy and classical, many Italian people prefer just leaning on the bar to enjoy a quick moment of their bicerin!


Address : Piazza Castello, 15, 10124 Torino TO, Italie

Transportation : Carlo Alberto bus station

Opening Hours : Mon-Sun 08:00-00:00 / Closed on Wednesday


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato


Caffè Al Bicerin, which has high reputation and a great history, almost represents the MUST COME in Torino. Opened in 1763, the cafe was originally a little shop facing at the Sanctuary of the Consolata at the time. Rather than using the term of “invention”, Caffè Al Bicerin would say the appearance of bicerin was an evolution of the 18th century cafe in Torino.

The taste of espresso of the bicerin here is strong and wonderful, perfectly mixes with the hot chocolate and milk. People would order some biscuits and brioches togerther to enjoy their time.


There are only 6-7 tables in Caffè Al Bicerin, which is small but cozy. Many people come here from the opening of the store just for drinking a glass of bicerin, therefore there is always a queue in front of the cafe. Grab a seat if you are lucky enough!


Address : Piazza della Consolata, 5, 10122 Torino TO, Italie

Transportation : Fermata 4091 - ORFANE bus station

Opening Hours : Mon-Sun 08:30-19:30 / Closed on Wednesday


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato


Opened in 1875, Caffè Baratti & Milano, which is one of the oldest and prestigious cafe in Torino, located in the Galleria Subalpina. First as a pastry shop, Caffè Baratti & Milano serves many kinds of patisserie and also the Torino hazelnut chocolate - gianduiotto.

The bicerin of Caffè Baratti & Milano is more soupy and less milky. Many people come here for having a brunch and meals, or buying the chocolate and cakes for take-away.


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato

Galleria Subalpina, which Caffè Baratti & Milano located, was built by Italian architect Pietro Carrera in 1873 and represents the architecture of the eclecticism in the city. As one of the most beautiful passage in Torino, it also connects Place Castello and Place Carlo Alberto. 


Address : Piazza Castello, 27, 10123 Torino TO, Italie

Transportation : Carlo Alberto bus station

Opening Hours : Tue-Sun 08:00-20:00 / Closed on Monday


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato


La Romana specializes in Italian gelato and serves special falvors of ice cream. They have branches in all Italian cities that you can impossibly miss it. From crêpe to brioche, they have different kinds of form for enjoying the gelato which of the flavors vary from fruits to the sweets. Over 30 flavors, people enjoy the gelato here, talking and relaxing themselves.

The one locates in the center of Torino, opens until the very late night. Have a seat if you pass by!


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato

La Romana produces many kinds of cakes and pattisery with gelato. Not sure which flavor to pick? Consult the staff, they will kindly introduce you and invite you to try the flavor you want!


Address : Via Santa Teresa, 6, 10121 Torino TO, Italie

Transportation : Bertola bus station / Fermata 4058 - ROMA bus station / Fermata 9019 - XX SETTEMBRE bus station

Opening Hours : Sun-Thu 12:00-23:00 / Fri-Sat 12:00-00:00


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato


MARA DEI BOSCHI is a sweet little gelato shop near the Park Valentino. People who come here are mostly the neighbors around, having a big box of gelato take-away or just grabbing a cafe, enjoy the tranquility and peace of the quartier.

The flavors of gelato here are sincere and authentic, it’s the kind of taste you will recall again and again.


torino turin cafe chocolate BICERIN GIANDUIOTTI gelato

If you are planning to go to Park Valentino, don’t hesitate by walking around this comfortable quartier and have a gelato in MARA DEI BOSCHI.


Address : Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 10125 Torino TO, Italie

Transportation : Fermata 780 - PELLICO bus station

Opening Hours : Mon-Thu 12:00-00:00 / Fri 12:00-01:00 / Sat 11:00-01:00 / Sun 11:00-00:00



Written and Photographed by : Che Fen OU YANG