Address: 3 Rue Geoffroy l'Angevin, 75004 Paris
Opening hours: 19:00 - 00:00 (Reservation is until 21:30)
Price range: 25-40 € per person
Phone: 33 (0) 1 42 74 07 52
Reservation: Reservation by phone or mail ([email protected]) with date, time and number

                        (Reservation time noshow weighs up to 10 minutes)



Fondue Savoyarde is one of the most classic famous dishes on menus in the French alps throughout the ski season. Fondue Savoyarde come from the Savoie region, which lies at the heart of the French Alps.  Today we  would like to introduce you to the real Savoie fondue restaurant in the Marais district Paris.


We recommend to take a table in the basement because the ambiance is more cozy and warm.  This special atmosphere is also contributing to the difficulty of reserving the day.



Not only the interior but also the food quality was not bad. The photograph is recommended to the clerk, the fondue of the Sabah region and the ham, which is mainly eaten in the mountains. The middle cucumber is a cornichon with a taste similar to pickles.


PINOT NOIR D'ALSACE 2015 - 12€ (demi-bouteille)

Pinot Noir Pinot noir is a refreshing and fruity fragrance that will wash your oily mouth. Ask a salesperson to recommend a combination that best suits your cooking. It is a wine chosen by the sommelier.


All the food came out. Let's find out how to eat fondue. First, I take bread with a spoon next to a fork.


Then, boil the cheese with 8 chars, then roll the skewer, remove the cheese, and transfer it to the plate and eat it with a fork. However, it is not necessary to eat as much as you like to eat comfortably without informality. There are many customers who just eat with a skewer, so you do not have to worry about eating much. It is a good idea to eat only bread, but meat and potatoes should also be eaten as you eat with cheese.


The sauvée fondue, ordered by Obonfri, is a menu with emmental, beef, cone, white wine, garlic, salt and pepper. The Swiss Fondue mainly contains two kinds of flavors, Emmental and Gruyere cheese, while the Fondue of France is made of 3-4 different kinds of cheeses. Originally, the hard part of the cheese was dumped.



Cheese cake was recommended as a dessert. I can start with the idea of eating cheese all through the meal and feeling cheese dessert. But the cream was lighter than I thought, and I did not feel eating with raspberry syrup and biscuits beneath. Rather, only the sweetness of the cheese was sweet, and it was especially good with coffee.


COLONEL - 6.5€

It is also a good choice to rinse your mouth neatly with a refreshing sorbet. The photo is a cocktail named Colonel, with lime sorbet and vodka coming together to finish the meal.


Overall, the restaurant lacked atmosphere, food, service, and price. As the name suggests, bread, wine, cheese Pain, Vin, Fromage, the taste of the three food was substantial. In addition, it seemed to be faithful to concentrate on maximum quality of food and service to the guest who had reservation reservation. The downside is that it is hard to get in without booking. But if you book at least two days ago, there is no problem.

Author : Hong Soon Min

Photo: Tsuyoshi Kaneko

Translate by Gisella Azevedo