Perfume Workshop in Paris

Make your own perfume at Fragonard Perfume Museum

Fragonard Perfume Museum in Paris

Paris is globally known as the perfume capital: traveling to Paris can be a unique moment to create your own fragrance! In this article, we introduce the mini perfume workshop in English, organized by Paris Musée du Parfum.

History of Perfume in France

Although perfume was not invented or perfected in France, France has become the center of the modern perfume-making world since the 18th century. The French Riviera town of Grasse in southern France is considered the perfume capital of the world. In the 16th century, glove makers in Grasse began selling perfumed gloves to appeal to the nobility and began farming a number of flowers used in the production of fragrances.


King Louis XIV of France, who was called the king of fragrances, greatly developed perfumes and made them an industry. In the middle of the 17th century, women enjoyed wearing perfumed items and since then numerous perfume and cosmetics stores began to open in Paris. Fragonard is named after Jean-Honore Fragonard. It is to pay homage to the painter of Grasse, the city where the French perfume story started to weave. Now, Fragonard has brought history to Paris, a few minutes from Opera Garnier. It will be an unforgettable experience to learn the history of perfume and find your own perfume in Paris, the capital of perfume.


How to make your own perfume in the heart of Paris?

Fragonard’s Paris Perfume Workshop

Have you ever thought of wanting to have your own unique fragrance? This workshop will be the best opportunity for you. This workshop (in English)  is composed of two parts, first, you can create your own 12ml Eau de Toilette (around 15 minutes) and a guided visit to Fragonard Perfume Museum (around 20 minutes). Your friendly guide will give you detailed instructions on how to make the perfume. Become the creator of your own Eau de Toilette by attending the "Flower of the Year" olfactory workshop.

Perfume Workshop in Paris

During the workshop, you will create and customize, following the advice of the guide, your own Eau de Toilette (12 ml in a spray). After 15 minutes, we got our own scent in a tiny perfume bottle. You will be invited to mix freely the scents provided in the bottles. They contain flowers, sweet and fruity, and spicy scents. This workshop is perfectly suitable for children from age 8 to upwards.


Time travel with a beautiful scent

perfume museum tour

After the perfume atelier, the perfume museum tour starts in earnest. At the beginning of the visit, you will see the previous history of Fragonard, through photos and relics to understand more about their story. 

History of Perfume

There are places where you can see the French perfumes' history at a glance, including tools used to make perfumes from before the 17th century, blueprints for production, and perfumes that French royal family members and nobles treasured. 

history of the perfume

It is impressive that every object is still retaining its beauty even after several centuries. Eventually, you will notice the French spirit putting great importance on the preservation and transmission of heritage.

unusual things to do in paris

After traveling through the history of perfume, you can have time to experience various scents. You can get detailed explanations about the characteristics of each perfume, and you can also try it out for yourself.

Fragonard Paris

We got to learn more about perfume terminology that we were not quite familiar with. According to the fragrance proportion, you can have various results such as parfum essence (25-30%), eau de parfum essence (15%), eau de toilette (8-10%), eaux de Cologne (5%). Naturally, the use of these items is also different. For colognes and eau de toilette, you can spray them over your whole body and hair. When using fragrance and perfume, you just need a few drops on the wrist and neck. And here is a tip for you, remember not to rub after spraying. Because it can generate friction heat and lead to the destruction of perfume molecules.

Boutique Fragonard Paris

At the end of the visit to the Perfume Museum, don't forget to pass Fragonard Perfumery. You can find Fragonard's fantastic perfumes, candles, fragrances, toiletries, cosmetics, and so on. Can you imagine? There is every kind of perfume and related items so that you can easily choose your favorite scent. Take your time and try them out. You can ask for further information from the staff. Plus, it will be a perfect chance to buy gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones and friends. Good quality items with beautiful packaging are proposed for a reasonable price.


How to book your perfume workshop

how to book a perfume workshop in paris

Since the museum is popular with visitors all around the world, it is recommended to book a visit to the perfume workshop and the museum in advance. You can simply click on the link and make a reservation on the website. Select the date and time you want. (click here)

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O'bon Paris' tips

Perfume workshop in Paris Opéra

You have to be there 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the beginning of the workshop. For your comfort, the workshop will start sharp on time and no one will be able to access the course once it has started. 

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Author: O'bon Paris team

Photos: Phan Thanh Thuy

Perfume Workshop in Paris

Fragonard Perfume Museum

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