Category: Chocolate &Macaroon Shop
Address: 3, Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris (Pierre Marcolini opera)
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10h-20h (12/24, 12/31 18h operated and 12/25, 1/1 closed)


Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini is a globally acknowledged chocolate artisan. Pierre Marcolini, who makes the best chocolates from scratch to the finished masterpiece gets a spot right on top of any foodie’s bucket list.



The Pierre Marcolini has won various international competitions and was selected as the World Pastry Champion in 1995. He was officially recognized as the Royal Chocolatier in 2015 and is directly involved in the whole process of the chocolate making from the selection of cacao bean to the final product. The store has a very refined and luxurious feel as if it were a luxury boutique.


This year's Christmas season will also include chocolate. This year, he collaborated with Belgian origami artist Charles Kaisin to express his geometric patterns and shapes in chic charming fashion. You can also buy cakes, drinks, and infusions as well as chocolate in a variety of shapes and colours.


A variety of chocolates made using the best cacao beans selected by Pierre Marcolini are from around the world on a quest to find the best cacao farms!  Chocolates made from selected cacao beans are all sold directly from Belgium.


And you can also meet macaroons at the chocolate shop Pierre Marcolini. Macaroons tempting in pastel colours, this season Macaroon is a tiramisu flavour. The friendly staff will explain each of the macarons as you patiently wait to sample them.


 In particular, the representative chocolate macaroon with the name of Pierre Marcolini is a signature macaroon that must be tasted. If you have a sweet tooth and appreciate artistic places and food you must pay this boutique a visit.


Pierre Marcocolini, a Belgian specialty chocolate shop, has four locations in Saint-Honore, Opera, Louvre and Saint-Germain in Paris and details can be found on the brand website (https://eu.marcolini.com/boutiques)


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