2018 Salon Chiens Chats

2018 Dogs & Cats Salon

Address:Espace Champerret - 6 Rue Jean Oestreicher - 75017 Paris

Access:Metro Line 3, Porte de Champerret et Louise Michel station

Date:14th - 15th April, 2018

Ticket:Adult €13,age 6-12  €7,free admission under 6s

The Dogs & Cats Salon was held between 14th and 15th of April, 2018. More than 900 dogs and cats were gathering here in 5000 meter squares hall that attracting a great number of dogs and cats lovers not only from France but also from all over the world. The main purpose of the salon was to advocate the importance of pet caring and to look for the right owners for them.


Wash your hands before touching and taking doggy in your arms! The bacteria on human beings has high possibility bringing to them. It was very sweet that there were a lot of hands sanitizer provided everywhere.


There was a dog area and a cat area. We came to the doggy area after entering the hall. This Husky was so excited to welcome everyone coming in and kept using his nose to get a touching on his head from people next to him.

Name in French: Husky Siberien

Breed: Siberian  Husky

Description: an energetic troublemaker


The characteristic of old english bulldog is cute and cuddly.

Name in French: Bulldog Anglais

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Description: to lie down on other’s leg and everywhere


Griffon Bruxellois is a very independent dog. Even though his owner was chatting with others, he was feeling OK while sitting on his pillow.

Name in French: Petit Brabançon

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Description: independent and brave


Look at puppy’s innocent eyes. I was totally melting.

Name in French: Terrier Brésilien

Breed: Brazilian Terrier

Description: smart and like to interact with human beings


The owner of this cute truck made dog and cat’s ballons to the kids in the hall.


The cat area was just next to the dog area. There was a cat health check point. The vets from France, Germany and the other European countries came all the way here in order to give the best care to the cats. Unlike dogs, the cats preferred to stay at their cages because of their shyness and sensitive personality.


This elegant cat lady got an award during the past cat competition. She was interviewed during the salon.

Name in French: Mau Egyptien

Breed: Egyptian Mau

Description: always waiting in front of the door for their owners


Not all the cats liked the photo taking. Some cats were hiding themselves in the corner when they realized the camera was on them.

Name in French: Persan

Breed: Persian

Description: Quiet, elegant, pride


Cat area was very peaceful and quiet.

Name in French: Abyssin

Breed: Abyssinian Cat

Description: the cat with dog's mind


Each cat was sleeping…

Name in French: Bengal

Breed: Bengal

Description: swift movement just like a talented athlete


In the salon, you have a chance to see the breeds of cats that you have never seen before.

Name in French: Ragdoll

Breed: Ragdoll

Description: love human beings and were also named as puppy cats


A Chinese brand called ‘Ling-ban’ exhibited its art pieces in the salon. The art philosophy was to send messages of relationship between human beings and pets through its work of art. Ling-ban invited a famous embroidery artist to the salon as the photo showing above. Each embroidery masterpiece was sew by fine silk and made by artist hands. It took approximately two months to complete. Therefore, the work of arts were particularly vivid and exquisite. Now, these arts were also exhibited in some hotels, restaurants and luxury pet shops. Chinaware was another collection of Ling-ban.


O’bon Paris Note

The Dogs & Cats Salon raised the awareness of pet caring. Give more love to the pets and treat them as a member of your family.


Author:Yaya Teng

Photography:Wang Fang