Anatole : French pocket umbrellas



 Paris is famous for its beautiful and romantic places, but also for its rainy weather. Even if the weather is not as gloomy as London, it’s very frequent to be annoyed by rain in Paris. We discovered a French brand of colorful and high qualities Umbrellas that you might be glad to know if you face heavy rains in Paris! Most of the umbrellas that can be found in Parisian shops are not good quality ones and are usually not trendy at all. Anatole develops trendy Parisian umbrellas that are perfect to take nice photo with. So do not worry, even if you visit Paris during a rainy day, you still can take beautiful and colorful photos thanks to these cute umbrellas.


rainy day in Paris


The concept of the brand Anatole is to create fashionable and elegant pocket umbrellas. As a result, their umbrellas are very convenient: thanks to their small sizes (17 cm) they can be easily put in a handbag or in a coat’s pocket. Anatole is a traditional French name, and all the different umbrellas they create have French names too. For example, the yellow umbrella name is “Martin”. Among the colors of the new collection (navy blue, fuchsia pink, yellow, baby pink, burgundy, pastel blue, sky blue, green and red), you will surely find one that suits you.


Paris umbrella brand


The handles of the umbrellas are all made in wood. However, the wood can be either natural or painted in white. Thanks to the fiberglass ribs, the umbrellas are light but very resistant.


Anatole umbrella blue


With O’bon Paris coupon you can get your umbrella delivered at any place in Paris in 3 hours maximum (while booking on the website of Anatole, use the code OBP3H ). Valid if you order between 9 a.m and 5 p.m, Monday to Friday ( Click here to order on Anatole Website ).  In case you’re caught in a restaurant or coffee shop during an heavy rain, just order your umbrella and wait for the delivery while enjoying hot chocolate time.


Paris umbrella colors


If you travel in France, you should better order in advance an umbrella in case of rain. Rainy days are quite common in Paris, except during summer time. Carrying a pocket umbrella can be quite useful.


Written by Vincent Sacau

Photographed by Leona Fujii