Arcachon Bay


The city of Lège-Cap-Ferret is located in the southwest of France at 45 km from Bordeaux. Cap-Ferret is known for its exquisite location at the tip of the peninsula, between the Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a popular holiday destination for the rich Bordelaise (The residents of Bordeaux) and known for its high-end summer residences many of which belong to French showbiz personalities.


The Arcachon's bay is a fascinating world with multiple landscapes: oyster ports, sandy beaches, pine forests, a famous peninsula and the highest dune in Europe. It takes about an hour by car from Bordeaux.  A small fishing village where you can define the beautiful bays and enjoy the Atlantic waves. 





This is one of our favourite destinations to relax and have fun while enjoying the pleasures of the sea.


Bassin d'Arcachon or Arcachon Bay

Famous for its oysters and its upscale resorts, this little inland sea, open to the ocean, is also known for its exceptional natural heritage! Protected by the peninsula of Lège-Cap-Ferret and the famous Dune of Pilat, Arcachon Bay has a mild climate and plenty of sunshine. The unique geographical environment with a large area of beautiful beaches and it also known as "oyster village " which is the largest production area of French oysters. 


La Dune du Pilat

Dune Du Pilat is the largest sand dune in Europe formed by the sand from the Atlantic Ocean has been blowing ashore. Due to the high topography of the entire sand dune, it also makes it a famous sanctuary for several paragliding addicts.

In particular, this area faces the sea on one side and faces the forest on the other, where you must climb the sand dune because the beauty of the overlooks above allows you to view the Arcachon Bay and the Long Range forests, which definitely will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. 



This house was built by a local artist who really loves this area, and seems like someone living inside, a little bicycle standing outside the door.



The place remains very natural with a complete shore system composed of beach, dune and pine tree forest, the most important in West Europe. You can see many specialty holiday lodges as well and several occasionally grocery markets. 



If you want to taste the local fresh Oyster, you can directly go to the roadside restaurant or market. 
Here some secret about eating oysters in France :

1. France's oysters have almost no smell, so when you eat, you can taste the natural taste before deciding to add some lemon squish and so on.
2. The oysters in France are sold for half a dozen or a dozen. 
3. French oyster has a size from zero to six, the smaller the number means the larger oysters. Size does not mean absolutely delicious, usually, number two and three is the best choice to taste.
4. Do not have garlic, tomato sauce, or Tabasco on your oysters. The French people will think you do not how to eat the oyster.



Here you can find many shelters everywhere in the bay.


The most interesting thing is while enjoying the pleasures of the sea in the beach side of Lège-Cap-Ferret and Arcachon Bay, you can do some water activities as well.


How to get to Lège-Cap-Fellet & Arcachon Bay

By train: Take the TER train from St Jean station, Bordeaux, about 11 euros

By car: Several car rental services are available in Bordeaux such as Europcar, Sixt, etc. or you can try carpooling service like BlaBlaCar, about 5 euros