One of the must see spots in Paris

When you imagine the Avenue Champs-Élysées, many of you might remind of Joe Dassin’s song ‘Les Champs-Élysées’. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées runs from l’Arc de Triomphe to the Place de Concorde. As he sings ‘There is everything you want at the Champs-Elysées’, this Avenue is great shopping and touristic place. We will introduce you must-see places around the fascinating Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Let's start from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de Concorde. 




arc de triomphe paris

The landmark of the Avenue Champs-Élysées is Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon I as a symbol of honor of the victories of his battles. Nowadays, the Arc de Triomphe became one of the must-see destinations for a trip to Paris. You can go up to look down the beautiful Parisian view of Champs-Élysées and Eiffel Tower as if you are in the scene of a french film. In order to enjoy such beautiful view, you need to take stairs to go up but you will be able to see some great sculptures on the way up. As it is one of the most popular attractions for tourists, we recommend you to visit in the early morning or during the sunset.


Address: Arc de Triomphe 27 Rue Vernet 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 2, 6, RER A Charles de Gaulle-Étoile station

Opening Hours: From 2nd January - 31st March Daily 10:00-22:30 / From 1st April - 30th September Daily 10:00-23:00 / From 1st October - 31st December Daily 10:00-22:30 / Closed on 1st January, 1st May, 8th May(morning), 14th July (morning), 11th November (morning), 25th December (Last admission 45 min before closing)

Admission fee: Adult - 12 euros / Reduced Price (18-25 years old from non-EU countries) - 9 euros / Free for under 18 years old, 18-25 years old residents in EU countries

Website: Click here 




paris shopping running shoes

As the Avenue Champs-Élysées is long enough, you definitely need the most comfortable shoes. However, at the same time, it is necessary to have fashionable ones to take photos as a precious memory. In this case, Quatorze Running Shop is here for you! In this select shop specialized in running shoes, you can find a perfect pair of running shoes which provides you the best, the most comfortable and stylish looking ones thanks to personalized advice by their professional staffs. You can find the latest collection of famous brands like Nike, Adidas and so on. So, you can easily get an athleisure style like celebrities. You can also get 10% off coupon for shopping in Quatorze Running shop. (Click here) Start to have a trip with its chic shoes!


Address: 42 Avenue de Wagram 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 1, 2, 6, RER line A Charles de Gaulle - Étoile station

Opening Hours: Mon 12:00-19:30 / Tue-Fri 10:30-19:30 / Sat 10:00-19:30 / Closed on Sunday

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During the trip to Paris, how about having a French breakfast in the atmosphere like a palace with luxurious decoration? They have some breakfast set menus, but we recommend you to taste their pain perdu, French toast in English, which is made with a soft and fluffy bread baked with vanilla beans. When you eat it with maple syrup, it melts in your mouth and makes you happy from the morning. Also, their big-sized macarons are famous and tasty. You can either take away or get a seat to enjoy your dessert sold in the Pastry section.


Address: 75 Avenue des Champs Élysées 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1 George V station

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-23:00 / Sat 7:30-24:00 / Sun 7:30-22:00




One of the most famous macaron pastry is Pierre Hermé. This shop on the Avenue Champs-Élysées is a unique store collaborating with Loccitane, a famous body care product brand. The interior design is amazingly sophisticated with many balloons and colorful tiles. Even only the decoration, it is valuable to consider this place as a photogenic spot. Their original recipe is filled with plain modernity and creativity with an innovative combination of flavors. Their signature flavor is called Ispahan which is mixed with rose, litchi, and raspberry. Or you can find original flavors sold only in this Champs-Élysées store. They also have a cafe-restaurant where you can enjoy meals, pastries, and original drinks. Also, you can take away the patisseries, original bread, and drinks. Furthermore, as it is a collaborated shop with Loccitane, you can find various fragrance and body care products such as hand cream which is good for a souvenir.

Address: 86 Avenue des Champs Élysées 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1 George V station

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-22:00





The famous traditional perfumeries in France, Guerlain produces various perfumes and cosmetics with their dynamic creativity. In this flagship, you may have a sensational experience by its creative display. The magnificent and luxurious decoration gives you the impression as if you are in a gorgeous palace. There you can try to find your favorite perfume among 100 kinds of fragrance samples.


Address: 68 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 9 Franklin D. Roosevelt station / Metro Line 1 George V station

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30-20:00 / Sun 12:00-20:00





If you are a Disney fan or travel with your kids, the Disney store is one of the best places to visit in the Avenue Champs-Élysées. When you enter the store, you can find fantastic decorations such as Disneyland collaborated with a French symbol, Eiffel Tower in the shop. You can buy some toys like Disney characters costumes. Also, they have original goods only sold in Paris which are recommendable as a unique souvenir.


Address: 44 Avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 9 Franklin D. Roosevelt station

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-23:00





When you go toward the direction to the Seine river from the Disney store, you can find Avenue Montaigne. This street is the place where all the luxury brand shops are located. You may find Dior J’ADIOR shoes, Givenchy volume sneakers, SNEAKERS JAW, Loewe quality leather bag and so on.

Besides these luxury shops, you can find something special in the Avenue Montaigne during Christmas season. It turns into a golden street with many light bulbs unlike the Avenue Champs-Élysées known for its red illumination. Among the boutiques, Dior is especially popular with its fancy Christmas decoration every year. This is one of the must-see places to take some photos in Paris during winter.


Address: Avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1 George V station





Petit Palais is also called as Musée des beaux-arts de la Ville de Paris. This building is now an art museum. Their collection covers paintings and sculptures from 17th to 20th century including Classic, Middle age, and Renaissance. Besides their collection, they also organize some temporary exhibitions. In Petit Palais, there is a cafeteria to take a rest and have a coffee when you get tired. Furthermore, you can go whenever you want because the admission fee is free!


Address: Petit Palais Avenue Winston-Churchill 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1 Champs-Élysées Clemenceau station

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 / Closed on Monday

Admission fee: Free

Website: Click here 





Grand Palais, situated beside the Petit Palais has a function as French National Gallery. Grand Palais was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900 and recognized as a historical monument in 2000. They always hold sensational exhibitions from modern to contemporary art. The architecture is also beautiful as well as artworks in exhibitions. The building has a huge glass ceiling and metal decorations, which is good for taking a photograph.


Address: 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 9, 13 Franklin-D.-Roosevelt station or Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau station

Opening Hours: Mon, Thu-Sun 10:00-20:00 / Wed 10:00-22:00 / Closed on Tuesday

Website: Click here 





The Place de la Concorde, known as the place of execution of guillotine of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution, has an iconic Egyptian obelisk and a fountain. It is situated at the end of the Champs-Élysées. The unique atmosphere amazes you. The decorations are classical, and you can find some mythical elements among them. You can feel the historical vibe of France by seeing this mixture of several styles.

From Place de la Concorde, you can see many famous places such as the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel tower, Avenue Champs-Élysées, Tuileries park, and so on.


Address: Place de la Concorde 75008 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 1, 8, 12 Concorde station


Words and Photographs by Yuka Ishihara