Where and how to take impressive photos

While traveling to new cities, many people want to take impressive photos and upload on their social media like Instagram. And Paris is a touristic destination which has several symbolic spots of the romantic and luxurious image. Having some memorable photos in these spots is one of the ways to enjoy traveling. Today, we will offer practical information about where and how to take the best photos in Paris. 




Eiffel Tower photo : Trocadero garden

A representative place of Paris would be the Eiffel Tower. As its height is 324m tall, it is hard to take a photo with this tallest tower of Paris. Then, how should we do to take a good photo with it? Go to Trocadero metro station. You will be amazed by the view of the Eiffel Tower. But wait to go down to the stairs of Trocadero garden. On the middle of the stairs, you can find the perfect angle with the background of the Eiffel Tower, green garden. and the fountain


Eiffel Tower dynamic photo

During summer, try to take a photo in front of the fountain where you can also fresh yourself. Make a photo more personal and fresher with your real expression of face. 


Fairy-tale eiffel tower

Transportation : Metro line 6, 9 Trocadero

Tips : Occasionally cultural events or shows take place at Trocadero plaza and garden.




Montmartre church

To have a good photographic angle with Sacre-Cœur Basilica, it is better to go down the stairs and take place in the middle of the square Louise-Michel. You can get a magnificent building right back of you with green grass. It is also recommendable to take it by sitting on the grass like a Parisian. 


Montmartre artists' plaza

There are many spots to take artistic photos in the Montmartre area. Not only in front of Sacre-Coeur Basilica, but also there are Place du Tertre where you can find artists drawing, Galerie d'Art, and Maison Rose, etc. Walk around the district calmly while discovering cute streets and shops. 


Montmartre artistic photo spot

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses

Tips : It is not recommendable to visit late at night. And be careful with pickpockets. 





Luxembourg garden is a place where many local Parisian have a rest during a day. If you visit during spring or summer, it is better to take a photo with a flower on your backside to have it more colorful. To take a photo with a romantic atmosphere, we recommend you to take a photo from upstairs of the garden with a view with the palace. 


Having a picnic in Paris

You can take a photo like a local Parisian. Have a casual picnic with French wine, ham, and cheese. And you can enjoy the sun, laying down on the grass. 


Transportation : Metro RER B Luxembourg

Tips : There is a prohibited zone of grass, so take a careful look at the signboard when you want to enter the grass. 




GALERIES LAFAYETTE dome : glass walking

Galeries Lafayette is one of famous spot to have French fashion shopping. But it is not only a department store. When you enter the building, it is quite clear that it is a cultural place to enjoy. iIs decoration and interior design are marvelous. Especially the dome is really amazing. They offer a glass walk where you can take a photo like a noble. It is on 3rd floor. 



Transportation : Metro line 7, 9 Chaussee d'Antin La Fayette

Opening hours : Mon-Sat 9:20-20:30 / Sunday 11:00-20:00

Tips : During the high season and afternoon, the queue for a glass walk will be too long. So it is better to visit in the morning when the circulation is faster.





Palais Royal contemporary art

Palais Royal is the architecture which was once a royal residence. Recently, it is more known with the contemporary art 'THE COLONNES DE BUREN' which was designed by Buren. It is made of 260 black and white striped columns in different heights that create a special rhythm in the main courtyard. You might find many people sitting or standing on these columns. 

To take a photo with a good view of the surrounding classical palace, it is recommendable to visit in the morning before visiting Louvre. Or it is also a good idea to take a photo during the sunset which can give a more elegant atmosphere. 


Palais Royal photo

Transportation : Metro line 1, 7 Palais Royal Musee du Louvre

Tips : There are small shops around Palais Royal where you can cool yourself from the hot summer weather, somewhere like icecream shop.




Louvre Museum Pyramids

The pyramid of Louvre museum is a symbolic monument in Paris. Many visitors want to take unforgettable photos with it. For several years, there is a trend to take a photo of this pyramid on your hand. But, where can you get the perfect angle for it? Take a second stone from the left side, while having Tulieres Garden on your back. It is an ideal spot to take this great photo that you can upload on your Instagram.


Night photos in front of Louvre Museum

And also the night view is magnificent. Also, there are fewer people on the plaza so you will have more chance to have a precious photo. On Wednesday and Friday, Louvre museum is open longer, so you can visit in the evening and take a photo but maybe with the crowd.


Transportation : Metro line 1, 7 Palais Royal Musee du Louvre

Tips : Be aware of sunset hour gets longer and later in summer. Generally, sunset hour is 19:00 in winter but 22:00 in summer. 




The Seine : photography spots

Another top symbolic place of Paris would be the seine river. Although it is famous worldwide, when you visit Paris it is quite hard to find which bridge to go. We recommend you to go near Pont Neuf or Saint Louis island, which you can experience the more local side of the river. 


Night view of Seine river

Take a romantic photo there as a film “Midnight in Paris”. And we recommend you to go there especially from the sunsets time to night time. The romantic city light will be one of the memories that you can’t forget during your trip in Paris.


Transportation : Metro line 7 Sully-Morland and Pont Neuf

Tips : There are several cultural events all year. On summer there is a Paris plage which offers a beach experience in the city center. 


Words and Photographs by Youra CHOI