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Paris is every shopper's paradise and if you are in the mood for some retail therapy head straight to le BHV Marais department store in the bustling Marais district. Marais has several boutiques, ateliers, and concept shops but if you are looking for several brands under one roof, Le BHV Marais is the place to be.

Le BHV Marais is loved by local Parisians. The reason is because of the more affordable price and very wide selection of products. You can find everything from luxury fashion brands, popular affordable clothing, stationery, kitchen appliances, and home facilities, food or drink for souvenirs, interior decorations, furniture, DIY items, and so on.

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At le BHV, the products are beautifully displayed in a large space, so it is not too crowded and easy to shop. If you are looking for a stylish item for a reasonable price, it is the perfect place.
Below, we have gathered a few tips in order for you to have the best experience at le BHV Marais. Don't miss the information about the special coupon at the bottom of this article!


Fashion & Beauty

Women’s fashion

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French fashion brands play an important role in influencing the Parisian fashion sense. Along with the long heritage of Haute couture, several streetwear labels and contemporary imprints are upholding France’s status as a global fashion hub. At le BHV, you can find many affordable brands loved by local Parisians such as Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, Zadig & Voltaire, APC, Repetto, Longchamps, etc. Find your favorite style!


Beauty & Fragrance

On the first floor, you will find several cosmetics and fragrance stores to satisfy all your needs. Here you will have access to all the French brands among other favorites. Enjoy shopping among luxury brands like Hermes, Chanel, and Christian Dior, or more original stores such as Aesop, Le Labo, etc.


Men’s fashion

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Men's wear stores are in another building located right behind the main building. At the men’s building, you will find sleek and stylish French clothing from Sandro, Comme des garçons, De Fursac, Comptoir de l'Homme, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Levi's, and many other brands.



Kitchen utility & Home appliance

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

French home appliances and kitchen utensils with the Minimalistic design to bring the French sensibilities right to your home. Especially Le Creuset, Le Staub, and Gien are the most famous brands thanks to their beautiful color, stylish design, and high performance made by intricate craftsmanship. 

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

Besides worldwide known brands, there are many beautiful plates and cutlery from French original brands. It's very good quality and affordable. It's perfect for daily use.


Interior decoration

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

How about getting some inspirational decoration for your home? You can choose a fabulous piece from a wide variety of posters to art supplies to amp up your house decor.

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If you love French interior design, then you will find plenty of items here to bring that 'je ne sais quoi' charm to your humble abode.



At le BHV, there is a wide selection of French gastronomy which are perfect for souvenirs. For example, Kusmi tea, Mariage Frères, Maxim chocolate, Angelina chocolate, La Mère Poulard cookie, truffle oil and so on. Especially for a tightly scheduled trip, it is good to remember that you can buy some French souvenirs for friends and family back home at the same time while shopping.


Café & Restaurant

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

In le BHV, there are many places to have a nice break during your shopping. You can have a coffee break with a freshly baked French pastry at Café Marlette, Fou de Pâtisserie, or Caron Le Café. Or, you can have an authentic French cuisine made by a famous chef at la Table cachée par Michel Roth, or a luxurious meal with a flavorful truffle which is one of the signature ingredients of French gastronomy at Artisan de la Truffe.
In addition, there are also several authentic Italian restaurants in the Eataly building situated right next to the Men’s building. There, you can also buy fresh ingredients from Italy in order to cook at home.

O’bon Paris coupon & tax refund

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

With the O’bon Paris coupon, you can enjoy your shopping with a 15% discount (does not apply on already discounted items and red dot brands). In addition, if you spend more than 100€ in BHV, bring your receipts and your coupon to the Welcome Desk. You will get a voucher for a free drink and a pastry of your choice at café Marlette (3rd floor of the main building). Download the coupon from here.

le bhv marais - department store in Paris

If you are not an EU resident and you are over 16 years old, you can get a 12% tax refund when you purchase over 100 euros at Le BHV Marais. The tax refund desk is located on the ground floor of the main building. It is near the entrance situated on Verrerie street. 


Photograph & Author - O'bon Paris team

Le BHV Marais

Address: 52 Rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 1 or 11, Hôtel de Ville station

Opening hours: Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:00, Sun 11:00 - 19:00


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