BKNK Book Nook

Chilling & homemade brunch in the heart of Paris

Best coffee shop & brunch in Paris BKNK

The 9th arrondissement is one of the most exciting areas in Paris. You can find nearby stunning Opéra Garnier, romantic covered Passages, the Best Parisian department stores, and many restaurants. If you are planning to enjoy the center of Paris, Book Nook, called also BKNK, is the perfect place to stop by before exploring the gorgeous district.

Best coffee shop & brunch in Paris BKNK

BKNK is a cafe (coffee shop) that collaborates (and hosts) a new and trendy publishing house, Beta Publisher. They serve delicious drinks and food, and in weekends brunches, in a very cozy and literary atmosphere. It is a perfect place to have a handmade brunch a few steps from the famous touristic sights, and to feel the artistic atmosphere of Paris. With O'bon Paris' coupon, you can get a 10% discount on Broché Brunch or Relié Brunch menus (check our offer here).

Coffee shop in a cozy & chic atmosphere

Best coffee shop & brunch in Paris BKNK

Once you enter the coffee shop, the good smell of coffee and a beautiful bookshelf welcome you. On the counter, there are appetizing pastries. On the right side, there is a room with lots of large leather sofas and tables decorated with historical chic newspapers.

Best coffee shop n Paris BKNK

The interior design has an intellectual mood, with decoration related to literature such as old books, a typewriter, antique style objects, etc. You may feel like traveling in a Parisian literary café of the 1920s, like in Midnight in Paris. It is surely a paradise for book lovers!

Best coffee shop & book in Paris BKNK

On the bookshelf, you may feel a passion looking through a little note of handwriting about the story attached to their books. It makes it easy to find a book you like. The place is designed like a true reading Nook, a place where you can curl up and enjoy your latest novel.


Begin your weekend with a delicious brunch 

Best coffee shop in Paris BKNK Book Nook

Even though you are not passionate about literature, the place is worth the visit for its delicious, fresh food and drinks. On every weekend, Book Nook offers 3 brunch set menus. Trying their tasty brunch while reading your favorite book, can be a geeat way to enjoy your weekend. At BKNK, O’bon Paris team tried 2 brunch menus:  Broché Brunch and Relié Brunch. Below, we will introduce these two. BKNK's menu changes by season. Click here to check the latest menu on BKNK's official website. 

Broché Brunch

Best coffee shop & brunch in Paris BKNK

Broché Brunch is composed of a cup of hot drink, pancakes or scrambled eggs with bacon (or salmon + 2 euros), and a cup of granola or a pastry of your choice. A latte comes with a smooth form of milk. With the perfect balance of flavorful coffee and gentle milk, you cannot help smiling. It might be one of the best choices to happily start a brand new day.  Freshly cooked scrambled egg is fluffy and gently energizes you. It goes very well with savory salmon. 

Best coffee shop & brunch in Paris BKNK

For pastries, you can choose between the ones displayed on the counter. We tried a Brookie which is a perfect combination of brownie and cookie. The cookie part on the top adds a hint of lightness and crunchiness to the brownie's rich texture. At Book Nook, there are many choices of drink and pastry for vegans and vegetarians. So, everyone can enjoy a sweet break with a good drink and coffee. 

Relié Brunch

Best pancakes in Paris BKNK

Brunch Relié includes a cup of hot drink, a glass of cold drink (iced tea, orange juice, or apple juice), scrambled egg with bacon (or salmon + 2 euros), and pancakes with honey or maple syrup.  Hot chocolate is one of Paris's essential things, especially during winter. BKNK's hot chocolate is called "Chocolat Chaud Gourmand". As the name says, it's an authentic Parisian "chocolat chaud". Its creamy texture and rich taste with a strong cacao aroma are excellent. Their delightful scrambled egg of course goes well with bacon. It’s suitable if you start a day full of energy. BKNK’s Freshly baked Pancakes are the very taste of a happy weekend! They are fluffy and flavorful. Once you bite, you cannot stop your hand. The Brunch Relié is quite huge, so make sure to make a room in your belly before you go there.


O'bon Paris' tip

Best coffee shop in Paris BKNK

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Author: Yuka Ishihara

Photograph: Yuka and Aiko

BKNK Book Nook

Address : 11 rue Blanche 75009 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 12 Trinité - d'Estienne d'Orves station / line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin - Lafayette station

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 8:00-19:00 / Sat 10:00-18:00 / Sun 10:00-17:00 / Closed on Monday (Brunch menus are only available on weekends)