Opéra Guide

All you need to know to explore the most gorgeous district in Paris


Opéra district, situated in the very center of Paris city, is one of the must-visit areas. You can find everything you want like history, art, shopping, and gourmet. There are full of beautiful Parisian architectures which are loved by tourists from all over the world. This district must let you feel the spirit of chic gorgeous Paris that you know from a movie. At the same time, it is the place that makes Asian people relieved by the mixed culture. Below we will introduce you where to see, to shop and to eat in order to fully enjoy the Opéra area.



An ideal itinerary for a day trip in Opera district

Paris - What to do in Opera district

In the Opéra district, there are plenty of places to visit all around the area. So it is fun to have a walk without a plan if you have time, but for some of you who have a tight schedule, we will introduce you an ideal itinerary.

[1]Métro Opéra station: Let’s start from the metro Opéra station. The magnificent view of Opéra awaits you right in front of the exit.

[2]Opéra Garnier: One of the Parisian landmarks, Opéra Garnier, is must visit if you come to the Opéra district. It is also a great choice to have a luxury breakfast in Café de la Paix, the traditional French cafe.

[3]Galeries Lafayette: After feeling the 19th century’s glamorous culture, Let’s discover your own luxury right behind the Opéra Garnier. The best shopping spot in Paris is here. 

[4]Place Vendôme: One of the centers of French history and real richesse. You may feel French royal history surrounded by fancy hotels and shops. 

[5]Sanukiya: Find a healthy Japanese lunch in the “Japanese district”. Sanukiya offers you an authentic Udon noodle lunch set.

[6]Rue Saint-Honoré: After charging energy, let’s restart discovering the gorgeous area. If you want some high-sens goods, Rue Saint-Honoré is perfect for you. Astier de Vilatte is one of the most famous shops in this street. 

[7]Palais Royal: By walking along the Tuileries park, you will find a photogenic Palais Royal. The courtyard with black and white columns makes your photo more stylish.

[8]Tomo: Desserts are not to miss in France. In the “Japanese district”, you can find sweets from a mixed culture between Japanese and French. Tomo’s original Dorayaki cake is pleasant sweetness.

[9]Galerie Vivienne: From the French historical side, passages are also must-see. Galerie Vivienne would amaze you with its stunning architecture. Unique Parisian gift are all here.



What to see in the Opera District?

One of the most beautiful districts, the Opéra area, was the center of French History. There you can find historical and artistic spots to feel French culture.


Opéra Garnier


When you hear “Opéra district”, the first thing which comes to your mind should be the Opéra Garnier. One of the landmarks of Paris was built in 1875 by Charles Garnier because of the order from Napoléon 3rd. In this historical Opéra house, lots of concerts and ballet shows are held, but you can also visit there just to watch the marvelous building. The Opera Garnier accept individual tour and also holds guided tours in the day, night, and special anniversary tour. The architecture was decorated by Beaux-Arts style, the most popular style at the moment. The fancy staircases, delightful chandelier, Chagall’s monumental ceiling painting are definitely must-see once in life. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take a photo like a romantic movie!


Opéra Garnier

Address: Place de l'Opéra 75009 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / RER A Auber station

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-16:30 (10:00-18:30 during summer time) / Closed on 25th December, 1st January and 1st May. 

Admission fee: Adult - 14€ (12€ out of exhibition periods), Young adults from 12 years old to 25 years old - 10€(8€ out of exhibition periods), Free for kids under 12 years old  / Guided tour: Opéra Garnier Day Tour - 17€, The Paris Opera 350th anniversary tour - 18€, Opera Garnier After Hours - 21€


Palais Royal


One of the most photogenic places in Paris is Palais Royal. This ancient royal résidence is now famous for the courtyard with the contemporary art The Colonnes de Buren designed by Buren. 260 black and white striped columns in different heights create a special rhythm in the main courtyard. Let’s take a stylish picture like an Instagrammer! 


Palais Royal

Address: 8 rue de Montpensier 75001 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 1, 7 Palais Royal Musee du Louvre


Place Vendôme


The obelisk in the center of the place catches our eyes in the Place Vendôme. This place was built around 1720 by Louis 14th with his statue. However, the statue was destructed during the French Revolution. Later, it was replaced by the obelisk with Napoléon statue which celebrates his victory. Now, the place is known as one of the most luxurious places in the city with high brand shops, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Chaumet, Piaget, Louis Vuitton, Rolex and 5 stars hotel such as Ritz Paris where Hemingway and Coco Chanel used to live. 


Place Vendôme

Transportation: Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station 


Musée du Parfum - Fragonard


Right next to the Opéra Garnier, there is a Fragonard’s Musée du Parfum. Fragonard is the authentic perfumery born in Grasse and loved all over the world. France is known as its rich culture of perfume. Especially the Grasse city is known as perfume capital thanks to one of the biggest manufacturings of perfume. In this museum, you can see the real perfume history and culture by the authentic traditional brand. After visiting the museum, you can enjoy shopping in the boutique. You can find high-quality perfume goods which are perfect gifts for your friends or family. Don’t forget to download O’bon Paris coupon to get a free visit to the museum and a 10% discount on your purchase.


Musée du Parfum Fragonard

Address: 3-5, Square de l'Opéra Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 9:00-18:00

Transportation: Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station 



Or if you have time, we recommend you stop by the area in the south of the Opéra district. There is the Tuileries garden to take a short break in the green next to the fountain. In the Tuileries Garden, you can find one of the biggest Christmas markets in Paris during the Christmas season. If you travel to Paris in winter, don’t miss this special event! If you are a huge fan of art, you can also visit famous museums on foot from the Opéra district. The Louvre Museum which is one of the biggest art museums in the world, the Orangerie Museum which is known as Monet’s Water Lilies, Jeu de Paume Museum where you can see photography works. 


Where to shop in the Opera District?

In the city of fashion, you can’t miss shopping. In the Opéra district, you can find everything you want from affordable goods to fancy products. There are plenty of shopping streets and several department stores which allow you to enjoy shopping with a tax refund.


Galeries Lafayette

The most amazing shopping spot in Paris is Galeries Lafayette Haussmann situated right behind Opéra Garnier. Galeries Lafayette is composed of three buildings which are: the Coupole - the main building, Homme - men's building and La Maison & Le Gourmet - home decor and gastronomy building. There are over 3,500 brands in total which give you an extremely rich selection and a great variety of items. You can find some fashion items and also grab some wines from the cave or French gourmets as souvenirs or for yourself to enjoy in the hotel room. In Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, you can get special offers by downloading the coupon from here. Furthermore, if you are interested in activities of French culture such as macaroon bakery class, wine tasting class, fashion show, or Parisian shopping experience with plenty of useful services, you can use a discount code GLOBONPARIS when you book it on the website. Do not miss this chance!



Coupole / Homme

Address: 40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette station / Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / Metro line 12 Trinité station / RER line A Auber station / RER line E Haussmann-St Lazare

Opening Hour: Mon-Sat 9:30-20:30 / Sun 11:00-20:00 (Closed on 1st January, 1st May, and 25th December)

La Maison & Le Gourmet 

Address: 35, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 PARIS

Transportation: Metro line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette station / Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / Metro line 12 Trinité station / RER line A Auber station / RER line E Haussmann-St Lazare

Opening Hour: Mon-Sat 8:30-21:30 / Sun 11:00-20:00 (Closed on 1st January, 1st May, and 25th December)


Rue Saint Honoré 


If you prefer to shop while seeing stunning Haussmannian architecture, Rue Saint-Honoré is perfect for you. This famous street has also luxury brands boutiques like DIOR, BALENCIAGA, SAINT LAURENT, but also more original stores that are become more and more popular among fashionable people. Perfumeries such as LE LABO, DIPTYQUE and so on. If you visit this street, we recommend you ASTIER DE VILLATTE. It is a pottery shop known as their handmade white tableware. they are all created by artisans. The reason for the popularity is their original design. If you see their pottery once, you must be a fan! If you want to have a break during shopping, you can also find stylish coffee shops such as VERLET on rue Saint-Honoré.


Astier de Vilatte

Address: 173 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 7, 14 Pyramide station

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00-19:30


Galeries Vivienne 

In Paris, you might desire an original experience that you cannot have in other places. How about to shop in the stunning Parisian Galeries or passages. Paris has many passages which are shopping street covered by a ceiling and have a special atmosphere of Paris’ “Golden age” just like the film “Midnight in Paris”. Galerie Vivienne is located right next to the Palais Royal. It is known as one of the most beautiful passages thanks to its marvelous floor with colorful tiles. In the Galeries Vivienne, you may find small shops filled with charms. Cafes, bars, stationery shops, accessories shops, ancient book stores, all of these shops and their original products in good mood must catch your heart. 



If you want to feel real Parisian vibes, Galeries Vivienne is must visit. It is not only for shopping but also perfect for exploring by walking around. Get some original postcards from the old book store. It must be a precious souvenir for yourself. Or there is a famous perfumery shop, MAD ET LEN, which is famous for Potpourri, home fragrance. It is a perfect place to get a special gift.


Galeries Vivienne

Transportation: Metro line 3 Bourse station / line 1, 7 Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre station


Besides Galerie Vivienne, there are some other passages such as Passage Jouffroy, Passage des Panorama, Passage de Verdeaux and so on. You can find an original gift from them. In Passage Joffroy, there is Paris est toujours Paris and La Maison du Roy. The first one is a souvenir shop with Gien tableware, Saint James bordered T-shirt, Laulhere beret. The second one is an original home decoration shop. The famous embroidery goods shop, Le Bonheur des Dames is in Passage de Verdeaux. 


Paris est toujours Paris

Address: 47 Passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 8 Grands Boulevards

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-19:00



Where to eat in the Opera District?

Opéra district is known as the “Japanese quarter” because there are so many Asian restaurants especially around Metro Pyramide station. At the same time, you can also find classical French restaurants. If you like French food, the Opéra district is a perfect place to find a traditional place. When you get tired of the foreign taste, you can have tasty Asian food in the same district. Let’s see each genre of cuisine. 




First of all, the easiest way to find a really good Japanese restaurant is to choose a noodle place such as ramen, soba or udon. If their menu is focused only on Japanese noodles, it must be an authentic place owned by a Japanese owner. Let’s see from ramen places. If you want to try authentic Japanese ramen in Opéra district, we recommend you Kotteri Ramen Naritake or Hakata Choten. Naritake from Chiba in Japan, is popular with their rich taste ramen of miso or soy sauce. You can keep in mind that you can order a bowl of soup to adjust the saltiness as you like.  In Hakata Choten, the ramen comes with creamy pork soup which is a specialty of Hakata town located in the south of Japan. 

If you prefer a light taste, Kodawari Ramen would be perfect for you. You can have ramen with a light soup of chicken-based in the unique decoration.


Udon, Soba


If you prefer traditional healthy Japanese noodle, udon or soba could be a nice choice. Udon noodles of flour are chewy and plane taste. On the other hand, soba noodles made of buckwheat flour are more flavorful and have a light texture. Both are good for health, because Udon is easy to digest, and soba is rich with fiber. 

The photo above is Sanukiya, udon restaurant. The restaurant is loved by local Parisians and Asian tourists and has always a queue during lunch or dinner time. Do not worry, even there is a queue, you can have a sit very soon thanks to quick service and lots of seats. The best choice in Sanukiya might be a lunch set which includes 1 bowl of Udon on your choice, Karaage (fried chicken), seasoned rice, and drink. We recommend you Tempura Udon. It has many crispy tempuras which are and closed the rich taste of ingredients such as big fresh shrimps or colorful vegetables. It goes really well with chewy fresh udon noodles of Sanuki, the town famous for Udon in Japan. Besides Sanukiya, there are Kunitoraya, Jubei as udon restaurants, and Abri Soba as soba restaurants. The taste is guaranteed in all of these restaurants!


Asian Light Snacks


Or if you are a little bit hungry, there are several options. The photo above is Tomo cafe which is popular for good quality Japanese teas and handmade Japanese sweets, Dorayaki. It is made of 2 pancakes with original cream between them. They have traditional one with red beans or original ones with matcha, chestnut or seasonal fruits. The time you spent with some sweetness in Tomo would be the calmest and most relaxing time during exploring in Opéra district. Or, you can also find bubble tea drink in The Alley, Japanese original bread in Aki Boulanger, real Onigiris (rice ball) in Omusubi Gonbei.


French Restaurants


For some of them who want to eat French traditional cuisine, we recommend you Le Bouillon Chartier and Pascade. In Le Bouillon Chartier, you can enjoy typical French food such as escargot, beef tartar, steak and so on in the unique delightful decoration which lets you dive into traditional French culture. The taste is good, and the price is reasonable. It is recommendable to arrive early because there is always a queue of local Parisians and tourists. Pascade is a restaurant opened by a chef who got 2 stars on the Michelin guide book. As you know from its name, the restaurant’s specialty is pascade which is often eaten in the Aveyron region of France. It is a cuisine that is similar to brioche made with flour and eggs baked in the oven. It is shaped like a bowl, and the cuisine are served in pascades. If you want to feel the passion of French chefs, the answer is here.


French Cafes

As the Opéra district has a rich selection, of course, you can find French cafes. In Café de la Paix, you can have a coffee break in a room just like a palace. Or Café Verlet, Café Kitsuné Palais Royal, Télescope Coffee Shop  are also a good choice to feel the real Parisian vibes. Our recommendation for a short break is Violetta et Alfredo. It is a romantic tea salon with a theme of opera that the owner love which is just like a palace thanks to the vintage furniture and chandeliers. There, you can find a bunch of tea selections and homemade pastries, so it is a perfect place to have a gorgeous tea break. However, their brunch menu is the most recommendable. The chef’s French-Spanish cuisine is delicious. The brunch menu includes starters, main dish, dessert, and unlimited drink. The starter and the main plate is a mix of various cuisine, so you can enjoy lots of kinds of tastes. With O’bon Paris’ coupon, you can get 50g of bio tea when you order 2 brunches, or you can get a 10% discount when you order 2 tea sets, lunch, or dinner.


 Violetta et Alfredo

Address: 30 Rue de Trevise, 75009, Paris

Transportation: Metro line 7 Cadet / Line 8, 9 Grands Boulevards 

Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 10:00-21:00 / Sun 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)



O’bon Paris tips

The Opéra district is relatively safe in Paris. However, especially around department stores behind the Opera Garnier, there are a lot of pickpockets. Please be sure to put your belongings in your bag, close them, and keep them in front of you.


Words by Yuka Ishihara

Photographs by Jieun Yoo and Yuka Ishihara

Drawings by Fangfang