Category: Paris Tour Bus Burger Restaurant

Address: 2 Rue Jacquard, 75011 Paris

Reservation: www.bus-burger.com

Time: Tuesday - Saturday Lunch 12: 30-14: 30 / Evening 20:00 - 22:00pm

Price: 24 to 29 Euros


You might have come across food trucks in Paris but did you ever wonder how amazing it would be if you could also travel while you enjoy your delicious meal? Well, Bus burger is here to help you out. It's a specially modified bus which lets you enjoy all the sights of Paris while you are enjoying your meal. Why settle for one view when you can have them all?


You are required to book in advance. And reservation confirmation is necessary 20 minutes before departure time of the bus.


You will enjoy all the major tourist attractions of the city with their tour route.

Route: Bastille Square - Notre Dame Cathedral - Pont Neuf - Eiffel Tower - Palais de Tokyo - Arc de Triomphe - Grand Palais - Concorde Square - Louvre Museum - Get off at the Plaza.

The course usually remains the same as above, but there may be a slight change depending on the exceptional road situation. The staff will explain the tour before the departure and will tell you in advance in case of any changes.



You can order a set consisting of hamburgers, beverages, desserts from the "a la carte" menu or order according to your preferences. You can then devour the food while sightseeing all the monuments in the city as the tour begins.



This is the Signature Burger of Burger Bus, Le French Cancan. Thick meat patty that is bursting with flavor.


Made with the beef patty, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, roasted onions, and homemade sauce of bus burgers. Best served with potato wedges.



This Hamburger is French cocotte made with chicken steak marinated in curry and served with the homemade sauce.


Hamburgers and french fries are cooked to perfection served with ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.


One can never get enough of the Parisian sights - a unique experience for tourists and locals alike.


By the end of the meal, you will stop at the iconic Eiffel Tower for 10 minutes on Trocadero Square.



There is presently an Olympic rings symbol in the in Trocadero Square to celebrate Paris's win as the host for 2024 Olympic Games. Paris will finally host the Olympic Games and the Para Olympics after 100 years since the Olympics in 1924.


You can enjoy the ambiance or click pictures and be a part of Paris's celebration for the Olympic Games.


Burger Bus serves 100% French meat.


As the tour resumed we ended the meal with simple and flavorful desserts.



Brownies with hazelnut make an exquisite combination.We also highly recommended their lemon flavored ice cream. With desserts, we ended the trip on a sugar high note.


At the end of the tour, we received a gift of classic Parisian souvenirs to remember this trip. The perfect personalized touch to conclude the trip.



There are no toilets on the tour bus as it is a modified city bus.

We recommend going for dinner, as you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Paris with their delicious burgers, turning the night into a memorable experience.