Centre Georges Pompidou


Center Georges Pompidou

Also known as the Pompidou Center, this is theParis Art Center, which makes Paris a mecca for international art. Paris houses the biggest Modern art and contemporary art exhibition in Europe, and about 30 special exhibitions are held each year. It exhibits works of art with a vast range of sculptures as well as visual arts. It is also close to the Marais district, so accessibility is good for tourists, and there are plenty of good restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area, making it a must visit when you plan your trip to Paris.



The first thing you will notice in the Pompidou Center is the building itself. Originally, the pipes that were to be inside were designed to be left exposed. The three-dimensional view of the inside of the building raises curisoirty and makes for a modern architeture building.



You can go to the top of the building via escaltor and catch an unparalleled view of paris.




The Georges Pompidou Center is divided into two collections.

Modern collections and
Contemporary Collections

The modern collection includes works from 1905 to 1965 of Picasso and Georges Braak.

The contemporary collection covers design, architecture, installation works, etc., beyond the scope of existing works of art ranging from 1980 to the present.



Nu de dos, premier état, 1909, Henry Matisse



Kleine Welten series, Wassily Kandinsky



Fontaine - Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp's fountain is a work exhibited at the art exhibition named Sam in the toilet. There was a lot of controversy about whether this toilet was a work of art at that time, but it became the work which informed the beginning of 20th century contemporary art.



George Brecht (1925 - 2008), Three Arrangements

Cloak, chair, cupboard. George Brecht  created artworks with three objects. As a pioneer of conceptual art, he reinterpreted art and ordinary life.



Fang Lijun, Sans titre, 2003

It is like a monk's head clippers gathered together. The orange color on the repetitive face makes the impression stronger. Fang Lijun's was an important figure in contemporary Chinese art.



Danh Vo - Sea of ​​Fertility (After Mishima)

Dahn is a Vietnamese-born artist who grew up in Denmark. It seems like there is a piece in the middle of the wallpaper, but the printed wallpaper and the frame are one piece.



 Jean-Luc Vilmouth - Café Little boy

A work of art with a pastel-tone and a writing board filled with writing and rusty desks and chairs. She is a French sculptor and her installation art, Café Little Boy, is a work that makes us think again about the concept of the exhibition. At an elementary school in Hiroshima, which was devastated by atomic bombing, She got the idea to install a wall with the messages of survivors on the chalkboard.



The boutiques and bookstores are recommended in Paris! It is full of memorable objects, small accessories made by the artist, and inspired accessories.


Center Georges Pompidou

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Access: Metro line 1 Hôtel de ville station

Opening hours: 11 am - 9 pm (closed on Tuesdays, until 11 pm every Thursday)

Price: Base price 14 euros (as of 2015)

Website: https: //www.centrepompidou.fr/fr/Le-Centre-Pompido ...


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Most museums in Paris are closed on Mondays. If you are free on Monday, we  recommend Georges Pompidou Center.

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