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LE SPICY HOME -French family restaurant

Address: 65 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001 Paris

Business hours: 8h00 am to 2h00 every morning


Spicy home resides in the centre of Paris, boulevard de Sebastopol a lively district in the 1st arrondissement. The ambience offers an exotic and Zen like experience which becomes more satisfying with the incredibly delicious and flavorful food.


At the lunch time, you can choose “recommended of the day “package for 14 euros which has two options one is the first dish; the other is the main course + dessert. The LE SPICY HOME restaurant chooses fresh ingredients every day and will add or replaces dishes according to seasonal differences.


Rouleaux Croustilant de canard et son sirop de balsamic (9 €)
Crispy Duck + Exclusive Sauce (9 €)
Crispy and delicious duck with LE SPICY HOME restaurant exclusive sauce will make you visit this place again.

Salade Nordique (salmon, avocat, chevre) (13.5 €)
Nordic salad (salmon, avocado, goat) (13.5 €)
LE SPICY HOME restaurant Nordic salad is one of the most loved recipes not only for the refreshing taste but also it is a healthier alternative and helps people who are on a diet or are watching their weight.

Poulet a l'ail doux sauce curry avec riz basmati (15.5 €)
Curry Chicken + Indian Rice (15.5 €)
The perfect combination of curry and Indian cuisine is more popular with Asian customers and the lovers of spice and flavour.

Entrecote Charolaise aux epices avec pommes sautees et salade (22.5 €)
Spicy Steak + Homemade Fries + Salad (22.5 €)
This is a special dish, with a  selection of the French local steak, matched with exclusive chilli sauce,  along with tapered fries, makes this dish a must try at LE SPICY HOME.

 Tiramisu Matcha The vert Japonais
Japanese tiramisu dessert

Exotic cuisine, reasonable prices and central location makes Le spicy home a bookmarked restaurant for your trip to Paris.


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