Eiffel Tower - the Iron Lady

The history of La Dame de Fer, "the Iron Lady"


Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel once expressed his envy of his own masterpiece, Eiffel Tower, which obviously owns higher reputation than the architect himself. After standing out among more than 100 submissions for a monument, which would be marked as a commemoration for 100-year anniversary of the French Revolution, Eiffel was commissioned to build a giant irony tower on the Champ-de-Mars. The construction was a huge success at the Universal Exhibitions of 1889, however, not for some parisians and artists who considered it an eyesore. As they thought that it was meant to be temporary for the exposition, this architectural wonder somehow was kept for its value as a radiotelegraph station.




Today, a spectacular attraction


Rising 324 meters into the sky (including antennae), the iconic lattice tower is now praised as a landmark of Paris, a must-do on every tourist's itinerary. It's the most visited attraction in France since its opening of 1950s. Every year over 7 millions tourists come to admire the infinite beauty of this iron lady and stand on her shoulder to enjoy the panoramic view over the capital city.



Within three platforms, the Eiffel Tower offers different experiences in each level by hosting two restaurants, several buffets, a champagne bar, a banquet hall and gifts shops. You can reach the first two levels by climbing 704 stairs or, more wisely, taking the elevators. When night falls, the tower is always illuminated with its 50 billion lights. The sparkling and cascading glow lights up the starless sky, which makes Paris the "city of lights". The city has made full use of its fabulous lighting effects for special events such as Bastille Day fireworks on every 14th July and firework display for the year 2000.



You just cannot ignore the existence of this iron lady which dominates the skyline of Paris and the Seine River. It has been loved for years and labelled as the symbol of romance even with the fact that it's made of metal. Eiffel Tower, the big Parisian Lady, tough by the appearance, all bear inside a kind of tenderness and affection that you cannot resist to embrace.



From the terrace of Palais de Chaillot, you can have a glimpse of the tower looming over the city



Esplanade du Trocadéro, with its gorgeous fountain, laid out at the tower's feet, offers an ideal view of the lady



Wide green avenue aside the fountain



The carousel at the end of the avenue is iconic. It allows for a unique sight of Eiffel Tower



Boats cruising in the Seine River right in front of the tower



No matter how controversial the beauty of it was, Eiffel Tower has always been the inspiration for numerous artists, singers and writers . " Moreover there is an attraction in the colossal, and a singular delight to which ordinary theories of art are scarcely applicable", as Gustave Eiffel responded to the whole world.


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