Cafe with the most beautiful view in Mdina

The cafe with the most beautiful view in Mdina, Malta

Overlooking the breathtaking views with homemade cake

Mdina, the old capital city of the Republic of Malta is a small city surrounded by the city gate full of historical buildings and culture, also known as "Silent City". Although Mdina is a silent city, there is one beautiful cafe hidden in that city wall. Fontanella Tea Garden is just a few minutes walk from the city gate, situated at the end of the wall overlooking the view of the island of Malta from the bastion. Fontanella Tea Garden has been operated for over 40 years being a must-visit destination for every tourist who visits Mdina. They are famous for their homemade cake and a variety of snacks and food. 


Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

The cafe is decorated with colourful flowers and trees providing a comfortable atmosphere which welcoming you from the entrance. The cafe may look small from the first moment you step in, however, there are many tables upstairs and downstairs hidden inside. If you wish to dine with a breathtaking view, go upstairs to the upper floor where you will encounter with a fascinating view right in front of you.


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In a chilly day, the hot chocolate can help warm you up a little bit. The chocolate is rich, full of flavour, topped with a heap of whip cream, marshmallows, white chocolate stick, and chocolate chips. It is neither too sweet nor bitter, but a perfect flavour that the hot chocolate should be. The hot chocolate served along with a tiny caramel biscuit.


Treacle Ring, homemade cake at Mdina, cafe in Mdina


The treacle ring, also known as a honey ring, is a popular sweet that usually eaten during the Christmas time. This sweet is exclusively serve in Malta, you can find the treacle ring everywhere even in the supermarket. It comes in a ring-shaped stuffed with the star anise, clove, and blackstrap molasses. The outside ring made of molasses. You do not have to wait until Christmas to try this exclusive sweet though.


Best cafe in Mdina, Mdina Gate, Malta

Apart from the drink and dessert, you can also enjoy the light snack or a full meal such as pizza, pies, toasties, and many more. Moreover, they also have a healthy option such as salad and gluten-free menus which you can find all of them on the menu. Every menu is homemade and the cakes are freshly baked. Other famous sweets that you must not miss are the chocolate cake and strawberry meringue that has been stick to the menu for 41 years. Imagine yourself here, whether for just a cup of coffee, homemade cake, or dinner, watching the sunset, it could not be more romantic.


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O'bon Paris' tip

As aforementioned, there are tables downstairs inside and outside the dining room, if you come upstairs, you have two choices of sitting outside in the bastion area or in the glass house. If you come here in summer, the high season, you might have to queue up and wait for a little while since the cafe is very popular among tourists. At Fontanella Tea Garden also considered being one of the best viewpoints in Malta, therefore, if you are looking for the place to watch the sunset, here could be a perfect choice for you.


Words and Photographs by Aphinya Kasemsukphaisan


Address: 1, Bastion Street, Mdina

Transportation: Bus line 50, 51, 52, 53, 56, 109, 181, 182, 186, 201, 202, or N50; Mdina Station

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00-00:00

Website: Click here