French green gourmet food Paris



CATEGORY: French Gourmet Shop and Fast Food Restaurant 

ADDRESS: 99 rue Rambuteau, Paris 75001 (Metro Les Halles, exit Rue Rambuteau)

OPEN HOURS: Mon-Sat 10 am - 9 pm

PRICE: from 5 to 50€   




CAUSSES is a gourmet food shop well known among the young Parisian “bobo”. It is influenced by the slow food spirit (good, clean and fair). The shop's products come directly from green premium agriculture and are bought at a fair price (contrary to hyper market that buys at very low prices and kills the farmers). 

CAUSSES selects its food with the following values :

-Authenticity: the shop source protected geographical indications products that respect a local traditional know-how.

-Curiosity: the shop tries to make consumer discover or re-discover new or old brands.

-Friendliness: the shop provides precise advice on the food to consumers. 

The Gourmet shop respects the following agreement :

150 preservatives are forbidden in CAUSSE’s selection. Fruits and vegetables are season ones. The shop tries to provide 90% of French products. 



CAUSSES is also a restaurant that provides simple fresh sets (sandwichs, soups, etc) prepared with the shop’s products. You can eat on site or take away. Prices are less than 10 euros for menus. "Menu Sain" is a soup and a dessert or a starter (8,5€), "Menu Savoureux" is a salad + a starter or dessert (9,5€) and "Menu Simple" is a sandwich + starter or dessert (8,5€). We present the different food options below: 


 A sandwich (goat cheese, pepper and dried ham) and fresh yoghourt with nuts and honey. Drinks are out of the menu. 


 A classic sandwich (Emmental and white cooked ham with butter) and a salad. 




CAUSSES’ mission is to turn boring annoying food shopping into a pleasure and to be a place of experiences and of friendliness.



For your purchases in the shop, your food souvenirs for home or just for your tasting in your hotel, we recommend you the following items : 


 Dried sausages called in French "Saucissons secs"


 Butters from the brand "Bordier". "Demi Sel" means that the butter is a bit salty. 


 A French cheese called "Tomme aux truffes" which is a mountain cow cheese. 


 Cooked Fish as a spread  on French bread. 


 French sea salt. 


 "Magret Fumet de Canard" which is smoked duck meat. 


Natural Olive Oil from France. 


These above products are our recommendations by French locales, but you are free to choose whatever you want. Whatever product you choose, you will most likely love ! 



O’bon Paris coupon allows you to get a chocolate pastry called Aragostine (value: 1,40€) as above after 15€ purchase. Download the coupon or say O’bon Paris to get the present.