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Best food products to buy in France

French wine and cheese - where to buy in Paris

France is well known for being a paradise of gourmets and French gastronomy is world-renowned (to such an extent that it was included on UNESCO’s ‘intangible cultural heritage!). There are so many famous specialty foods to try (such as truffle, foie gras, cheese, wine, pastries...) that you would need to spend months in France to try them all. And, if you want to try all of them in French restaurants, you will need to use all your savings. Bringing back home French food products can be a good solution, and if you don't really know which presents to give they can also be amazing gifts. There are plenty of food shops in Paris, but if you want to find all the best products in the same place, Visit Le Gourmet in Galeries Lafayette! At Le Gourmet, there are only products of the finest quality from the well-known brands to the artisan or responsible brands.
In this article, we introduce recommended products for 3 different purposes; to get souvenirs, to prepare for a small party in a hotel room, and to set a tea time.


Galeries Lafayette Gourmet: temple of French gourmet in Paris

Best wine shop in Paris

Le Gourmet is in the Maison & Gourmet building, located right in front of the men's building of Galeries Lafayette. From the underground floor to the first floor, you can find various French or European gourmet products. The first basement floor is dedicated to a luxurious supermarket with some fresh product sections like Boucher, seafood, cheese, ham, and so on. On the ground floor, there are some famous brands' stands which sell pastries, chocolates, deli, spice, bakery, and some cafés-restaurant. On the first floor, you can find a big wine cave with wines carefully selected by French sommeliers.


Buy Souvenirs

If you're tired of Metal Eiffel Tower and want to bring elegant and authentic French souvenirs, you will find plenty of great ideas in Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. Here are some suggestions!


Alain Ducasse: chocolate bar & spread

Alain Ducasse - Where to buy French souvenir in Paris

Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous chefs in the world whose restaurants hold 3 Michelin stars. The brand's chocolate is carefully made by the "bean-to-bar" process which includes all production processes from eliminating beans until making a chocolate bar. Its signature 75% chocolate bar is the best to enjoy a perfectly balanced taste of pure and raw cacao. Or the Hazelnut chocolate spread might also be a great gift for a family with kids. It is made with almond and hazelnut praline, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. This spread will put a smile on the faces of your family or friends.


Boissier: candy box 

Boissier - Where to buy French souvenir in Paris

Founded in 1827, Boissier is a historical confectioner loved by Victor Hugo. Boissier's beautiful colorful candies put in a romanticly designed package look like a jewelry box. Or its iconic marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) are also one of its best-sellers.


Pierre Marcolini: chocolate box

Pierre Marcolini - best chocolate shop in Paris

Pierre Marcolini is the most renowned chocolatier in Belgium and one of the best chocolate masters in the world. Once you try his chocolate, you will feel the sophisticated perfection. Especially heart-shaped chocolate or champagne flavored truffle chocolate is recommendable for a gift.


Bonne Maman: Strawberry tartelette cookie

Bonne Maman - Where to buy French souvenir in Paris

Bonne Maman is one of the favorite brands of French people. The brand was first specialized in Jams and Marmelade and then started to make delicious biscuits. Each cookie or cake is individually packed, so it is easy to share one box (or bag) with friends in a group. Strawberry tart cookies, fruit cakes, or madeleines are the most popular.


Artisan de la Truffe: Guérande salt with truffle

Salt with truffle - Where to buy French souvenir in Paris

If you are looking for a gourmet friend, truffle items are perfect choices. Guérande salt with truffle or truffle oil refines the usual dishes with a deep aroma. Truffle chips are the easiest way to enjoy the French authentic taste.


A French gourmet party in your hotel room

Do you want to spend a cozy evening diner in your Hotel / Airbnb instead of eating outside? You will find all you need in le Gourmet to prepare a great meal!


La Cave: wine 

Galeries Lafayette - Where to buy French wine in Paris

La Cave spans about 450m² and houses 2500 labels of French and international wine. The range is very wide from precious wine from Bordeaux, Champagne, whiskey, to affordable wine under 10 euros. You can ask wine experts called sommelier to give you some recommendation which suits your taste or a special occasion. According to the kind of dishes you plan to eat, they will suggest you the perfect match.


5 Jotas: ham 

Galeries Lafayette - Spanish ham

5 Jotas is a shop specialized in Ibelian Pata Negra ham made traditionally. At the stand located on the ground floor, the chef is directly cutting out thin slices of ham from a huge chunk of meat in front of clients. Then the sliced ham is packed and sold. Taste the finest quality ham from Spain! 


Maison Verot: pâté en croute

Galeries Lafayette - Maison Verot

Maison Vérot is a traditional meat product store since 1930. Its specialty is Pâté en croute made of delicate layers of meat like pork, duck foie gras, and ham. It's rapped with pie dough and beautifully baked. The perfect combination of fresh ingredients is delightful. French people usually eat Pâté en route as a starter, along with a fresh salad.


Foie gras 

Supermarket in Paris - foie gras

Foie gras is one of the most renowned French specialty food, made of the liver of a duck or goose. Its rich flavorful taste and creamy texture go perfectly well with sweet white wine, and fig or marmalade jam. There are many types of foie gras, but the simplest way to eat is terrine. Open the package, put some foie gras and jam on a slice of baguette (it's better If you can toast the brad), then a perfect appetizer is ready! If you want to do it "French way", don't spread the Foie gras on the bread, just put the slice directly on the bread (it also looks fancier!).



Cheese - Supermarket in Paris

Camembert, Brie, Comté... You cannot miss cheese for a party in France. On the first basement floor, you can find countless types of cheese from famous ones to unique ones. If you wish to bring it back to your country, you can ask staff to put the cheese in a vacuum pack.
To enhance the authentic cheese, a French baguette is necessary. Get the baguette of Meunier bakery on the ground floor. Its baker Thierry Meunier who got the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" offers the best bread.


A luxurious tea time 

French "café and thé" culture is unique. You can bring a piece of it home and prepare your French tea time easily thanks to Lafayette Gourmet.


Pierre Hermé: macarons

Pierre Hermé - Galeries Lafayette

Pierre Hermé macaron is one of the must-try things in France. The crunchy texture, rich flavor of ganache cream, a surprising combination of flavors, every element is artistic. However, macaron keeps only a few days, so it is not suitable for souvenirs. Therefore the real taste of the macaron is a privilege reserved only for you who came to France. At Pierre Hermé, there are a set of macarons already prepared like in the photo above, or you can also choose one by one for a small box.


Eclair de genie: lemon yuzu eclair & salted butter caramel eclair 

Eclair du genie - Galeries Lafayette

Eclair de Génie is a creative concept eclair shop that opened in 2012. Its jewelry-like colorful design and its modern flavor are loved by Parisians. Lemon yuzu and salted butter caramel are the most popular flavor of the eclair.


Yann Couvreur: Paris Brest

Yan Couvreur - French pastry

A cute fox is the sign of Yann Couvreur. The bakery/pastry's Paris Brest is one of the most popular French cakes, that Yann Couvreur sublimated. The hazelnut cream is very rich, and the crunchiness of choux adds a pleasant accent. If you visit during summer, its ice-cream would also be a great choice. Sometimes Parisians make a queue to get the ice-cream during summer. It proves how delicious it is!


Dalloyau: Opéra

Dalloyau - Opera

The cake in the photo above is Dalloyau's limited édition Opéra cake by a special collaboration with a street artist Jo Di Bona. Dalloyau Opéra is very famous for the irresistible chocolate savor. The pop graffiti design with a colorful portrait of Louis XIV gives an additional charm! 


Mariage Frères: Marco Polo tea 

Mariage Freres - where to buy French souvenirs ?

One of the oldest French historical tea house (since 1854), Mariage Frères is famous for its artistic combination of scent. The brand's best-seller is Marco Polo, the signature tea. Its marriage of black tea and mysterious flowery aroma is excellent.


O'bon Paris' tip

Department gourmet in Paris

Speaking about limited édition, you can find a lot of exclusive cakes especially during event seasons like Christmas or Easter. Don't miss a special chance!

If you are over the age of 16 and living outside of European Union, you can get a tax refund for a value of 12%, when the total amount of your purchases made on the same day at Galeries Lafayette Paris Hausmann is over 100 euros. You can process the tax refund by the end of the third consecutive day at the latest from the day of purchase using the original till receipts.
All the receipts (excluding purchases at restaurants or cafes) can be combined. The condition of Tax Refund may vary due to the current situation. Please check the latest information from here
In the Maison&Gourmet building, you can find a tax refund desk on the 3rd floor. There are also other tax refund desks in the Coupole (the main building) or the Men's building.


Author - Yuka Ishihara

Photograph - Phan Thanh Thủy

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet

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Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00 (Opening hours may vary due to the current situation. Please check any updates before your visit from here.)


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