How to use Go City Pass

Save your budget with the Paris Pass

Traveling to an unfamiliar city is very exciting. Nevertheless, creating an optional plan that maximizes time efficiency can prove to be quite challenging. It is also not easy to make all the reservation for each tourist attraction and find local restaurants or activities familiar to the locals.
GO city is a mobile application which provides a variety of admission tickets to local tourist attractions in an all-inclusive format to help travel enthusiasts enjoy activities exclusively at the destination. The usage is very simple. We have prepared a detailed guide for you on how to select, purchase, and use the Gocity pass. 

How to Purchase and Use GO City Pass


➊  Access the GO City website and select Paris
First thing first, go to the GoCity website City  【 】
They offer activities in 30 cities. Among them, click on the city you want to travel to. 

❷ Choose the pass you want.
GO CITY two types of admission tickets

There are two types of admission tickets available:

All-Inclusive Pass
GO city All Inclusive Pass allows unlimited visits to tourist attractions for a specified consecutive number of days (2, 3, 4, or 6 days). For travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the abundance of attractions, activities, and local dining options that Paris has to offer while optimizing their time and budget, the highly recommended Paris Pass is the perfect choice. This pass is tailor-made for those who yearn to see and experience as much as possible during their visit.

✎ Important information : For non-activated tickets, the validity period is two years. Activation begins when tickets are scanned at the first tourist destination. Once activated, the pass allows free admission until 23:59 on the expiration date.

Explorer Pass
The GO City Paris Explorer Pass grants access to a curated selection of popular tourist attractions, with the number of attractions determined by the pass option you choose. With a 3-attraction pass, for instance, you can enjoy a total of 3 tourist destinations using the pass. Opting for this GO City pass proves to be more budget-friendly compared to booking individual reservations for each attraction. If you prefer the flexibility of selectively visiting tourist destinations while still enjoying a reasonable price, this pass is an ideal choice for you.

✎ Important information : Once the QR code is scanned, the pass can be used freely for the remaining number of attractions within a total of 60 days. The pass expires on the 60th day at 23:59. It is not possible to enter the same attraction multiple times with the same pass.

After selecting the desired pass, select the number of people to travel. Then click checkout to go to the pass order page.

❸ Make the payment on the website, authenticate your email address, and receive the GO City admission ticket by email
Enter your name, email address and contact information.
Select the date you would like to travel. Even if your itinerary changes, do not worry, you don't have to start using the pass on the selected date. 
If your travel plans are changed or you are unable to use the admission ticket, do not worry as you can get a full refund within 90 days.

Enter your card information and click Confirm and Pay to complete your order. 

❹ Download the GO City app and activate the admission ticket by following the link received via email. 

After downloading the GoCity application on your phone, click the link Sync your pass appeared in the mail. 
Open the application and check your pass. Now you are all ready to use it

Rest assured that if you encounter any issues while using the application, there's no need to fret. The PDF file containing the QR code of your pass will be conveniently attached to the email you received after completing the ordering process.
When you arrive at a tourist destination, simply tell the staff you want to use the GOCITY pass. A staff member will scan your QR code. Of course, there are no additional costs or procedures to be paid.

❺ Check the list of tourist attractions available with your pass and make a plan for your trip

With the All-inclusive pass, you have access to all 86 attractions in Paris using just one pass. On the other hand, the Explorer Pass offers 46 options, allowing you to choose the specific places you wish to visit. You have the freedom to decide the order of your visits and skip tourist spots that don't pique your interest. To see the list of available tourist attractions and activities, you can visit the GoCity website or use their app. Simply click on the place you're interested in, and you'll find detailed information such as the address, opening hours, and days of operation.

The Paris Museum Pass is only included in the ALL EXCLUSIVE Pass for 4 or 6 days. Currently, the Museum Pass needs to be separately sought out in the Opera district.

Pick up point: Big Bus shop, 11 Avenue de l’Opéra, Paris 75001 

However, it's exciting to hear that a new system will soon be launched where you can simply download the Museum Pass through the Gocity application. Check out the list of over 50 museums and art galleries you can visit with the Museum Pass here.

It should be noted that there are some tourist attractions and activities that require reservations in advance. Of course, there is no additional cost for you using the Go City Pass. If the place you want to go to requires reservations, you will see a button that says Booking Required. 
Click Checking Availability to check the remaining seats. It is recommended to make reservations at least 2-3 weeks in advance during peak season when tourists flock to Paris. 


Obonparis' Tips

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