Address : 3 Rue Joseph Cabassol, 13100 Aix-en-Provence
Opening hours : Everyday 10AM-6PM(Oct-Apr), 10AM-7PM(May-Sep), Cafe and restaurant 11:30AM-6PM
Admission Fee : General tour 6.5 euros, Exhibition 13 euros (including general tour inside)


Aix-en-provence was the city Paul Cezanne loved. As ’aix’ means water in Latin language, Aix-en-provence is also well known as a city of water with thousands fountains. The must-visit place in this city of water is HOTEL DE CAUMONT which is located very close from the main street, Cours Mirabeau. The building of Hotel de Caumont represents the 18th century French architecture.


Hotel de Caumont is full of stuffs to explore. From the various exhibitions which change every season, you can also visit the small auditorium with the film of Paul Cezanne, cafe and restaurant, and souvenir shop. 


The film of Paul cezanne is projected for 28 minutes, every 30minutes or 1 hour. It is free to watch the film if you purchased the ticket for the exhibition or if you are holding the membership card.


When we visited Hotel de Caumont, they had the exhibition of Alfred Sisley, an impressionist landscape painter. The exhibition changes every season which you can check out on the official website before visiting.


There is the place you can have a idea how the french style house and room looked like. The picture above shows the music hall which played a central role in the social life of 18th century high society.


Another picture above shows a bedroom of a young beautiful woman Pauline,  who was born and raised in Aix-en-provence. This bedroom has a very typical style of Louis XV eras. The delicate design of the walls reflects the spirit of the Rococos style which creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.


After exploring the exhibition and french style rooms, take a breath in this beautiful outdoor garden. In Summer, this garden is full of the lavender scent while it is still well organised in the winter time. In the upper garden, you can enjoy the lunch or dinner or in the lower garden, you can walk around and take a rest feeling the atmosphere of relaxing garden view in the city centre. 


Inside the restaurant, you can enjoy meals or just a cup of coffee with amazing desserts. The big glass window which is directed to the garden and high quality french interior adds the special atmosphere. The recommendation among the dessert menu is calisson cake which is the specialty of Aix-en-provence.


The multi-culture center in Aix-en-provence, HOTEL DE CAUMONT. You might not want to miss this gorgeous place if you have plans to visit Aix-en-provence.