The historical building turned into food market

Is-Suq tal-Belt, Valletta food market

The best place to eat and shop for food in Valletta

Situated in the middle of Valletta is a food market that opened in the newly renovated historical building that is over 230 years, Is-Suq tal-Belt Food Market. It consists of 4 floors of restaurants, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, and much more. From the exterior, the building is the Victorian-era architecture but the interior has been renovated and turned into the new destination in the city where it attracts both tourists and locals to drop by to grab a bite, shop for food, or relax.


Where to eat in Malta? Is-Suq tal-Belt food market

When you step inside, you will be landed on the ground floor of the Is-Suq tal-Belt. The decoration is a mainly brownish colour with some colourful chairs and tables to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Here at Is-Suq tal-Belt you can enjoy shopping for fresh ingredients, eating great food from around the world, relaxing with bar and city view, and discovering the historical building in the heart of Valletta.


Where to eat in Valletta? Valletta food market, Is-Suq tal-Belt

On the ground floor is where the food stalls are installed. You will be surrounded by the food stalls in the U-shape with tables that you can just choose to sit anywhere. Each stall presents its menu up front to attract the customers. The good thing about eating in the food market is that you can take time to consider and select the food that you would like to eat most, the bad thing is that you might end up select everything since they are all looking so tempting.


International food in Valletta, Malta best restaurant

You can enjoy the cuisine around the world just under one roof here whether it is Italian, Maltese, Japanese, or any other that you can name. The food stalls comprise of Vecchia Napoli, Impasta, Zest, Tapea by Picoloco, T'Anna Mari, Konak, The Salad Bar, Gululu, Ta' Kelinu, Star Café, Moz Heart, Burgers.Ink, Boston Grill, Annapurna, and Venchi. Currently, there are 15 food stalls, some have opened another branch while some just opened exclusively at Is-Suq tal-Belt. For instance, Venchi, which is one of the best quality gelato and premium chocolate from Italy that you can enjoy great chocolate and gelato after your meal.


Where to chill out in Valletta? Food market, restaurants, bars in Malta

Is-Suq tal-Belt consists of 4 floors with high ceiling which allow the wind to flow through on a hot summer day. Each floor has its own name, the -1 floor is named "Cook" which is where the food market is situated. The ground or 0 floor is "Eat" with numerous food stalls and tables, the first floor is "Relax" with more tables if you wish to sit in a more peaceful ambience. Lastly, the second floor is "Terrace" where there is a bar with an open balcony, where you can relax and enjoy the view of Valletta from up above. Sometimes there can be a private event in the Terrace, therefore, check if there is any sign of a private event before entering the area.


Food market, where to buy Malta souvenirs? Local food

From the ground floor, take the escalator downstairs and you will find the food market. Once you are in front of the food market, you will be stunned by the modern yet classic design of the food market. You can feel the vibe of the historical building while the renovation itself gives it a hint of the modern world.


Malta best restaurant, where to eat in Valletta? Is-Suq tal-Belt

The food market area has been divided into categories and marked with signs for ease. There are fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, butcher, bakery, wines and spirits, and delicatessen. If you wish to buy some local food to bring back home with you as a souvenir, you will be able to find it here, whether it is the Twistees cheesy crisps, cactus drink, nougat, treacle ring, or olive oil.


Maltese bakery, treacle ring, nougat

The bakery shelf is full of products from local Maltese bakeries such as treacle ring and Maltese bread. Some are packed in bags and some in a beautifully designed box that you can buy as a souvenir. On the opposite of the shelf, there are the freshly baked bakery goods that you buy and eat right away.


Maltese local food, where to shop for food souvenir in Malta?

Besides the Maltese bakery, here you can also find all the Maltese local products such as beans, cheese, fruits, snacks, drinks, and etc. Strolling around the supermarket in a foreign country while you are travelling is somehow pleasant. It allows you to discover something you might have never seen before in your life.


Exhibition at Is-Suq tal-Belt, where to chill out in Malta?

O'bon Paris' tip

Sometimes, Is-Suq tal-Belt holds an exhibition on the first floor. What you saw in the above image are several painted wine barrels with different designs from different artists. You can enjoy the art exhibition before or after your meal. Is-Suq tal-Belt is located in the centre of Valletta, so you can easily drop by to grab some food and continue discovering Valletta or come here for a relaxing dinner after a long day. It is open until 22:00 on the weekdays and 00:30 on Friday and Saturday, so you do not have to worry about where to eat if you finish your trip late in the night.


Words and Photographs by Aphinya Kasemsukphaisan


Address: Is-Suq tal-Belt Food Market, Triq il-Merkanti, VLT1175, Valletta, Malta

Transportation: Bus line 133 Nawfragju Station

Opening Hours: 

Food Market - Daily 07:00-22:00

Food Stalls - Monday to Thursday and Sunday 11:00-22:00 / Friday and Saturday 11:00-00:30

Website: Click here