A trendy place in Amsterdam loved by locals

Where to go in Amsterdam, Jordaan

Jordaan district is known as a must-visit place in Amsterdam. Jordaan is a district where locals love to go and it is located close to Amsterdam central station. There are a lot of famous places to go in Jordaan district ranging from Anne Frank Huis to The 9 streets. Especially, when the weather is nice during weekends, you will find a lot of locals hanging out near the canals and enjoying their time. We would like to recommend some places to go in Jordaan where you can feel young and hip vibes of the locals.


Jordaan canal in Amsterdam



In Amsterdam, there are canals everywhere around the corners of the streets. And you will be able to see a huge number of bikes parked along the ways to canals. You can find canals in Jordaan district as well but the different thing is that the canals in Jordaan are better for you to enjoy the view since there are lesser cars and people compared to other tourist spots.  


DE 9 Straatjes



The 9 Streets is a representative shopping street in Jordaan district where nine streets meet as you can notice from the street name itself. The street is pretty and there are a lot of cool cafes and vintage shops. If you start to look around the street, you wouldn't notice that you've lost track of time. Also, you will be able to find unique items since there are a lot of boutiques. 


Amsterdam Anne Frank House



Anne Frank Huis is also close to Jordaan district. This place is where the family of Anne Frank hid during World War II. After 13 years of the Diary of Anne Frank's release, Anne Frank Huis was open to public in 1960 and a number of tourists from all around the world are coming and going unril now.

You will be able to visit Secret Annex where Anne Frank's family hid for two years and there are a lot of things to take a look such as the family's personal documents. You can see the original diary of Anne Frank but keep in mind that photography is strictly prohibited inside. Moreover, you need to buy tickets online in advance and you will be able to enter at specific date and time you choose. Since Anne Frank Huis is a famous tourist spot, book the tickets in advance when you plan your itinerary.  


Address : Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam

Opening hours : Nov - Mar Everyday 9:00-19:00 (Sat 22:00) / Apr - Oct Everyday 9:00-22:00

Admission fee : Adult €10 / Age 10 - 17 €5 / Age till 9 free of charge / reservation charges €0.5 per person

Website :


Pluk cake



Pluk cake is famous for its brunch menu in Amsterdam and is also known as a cool cafe to visit. The size of the store is not big but it is a definitely must-visit cafe since there are a lot of desserts and brunch menus. Especially, its cakes are so prettily decorated that makes you dare to eat them. Also, there are a number of stylish souvenirs including notebooks, postcards, and cups on sale.


Address : Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam

Opening hours : Everyday 9:00-18:00





Toki is a well-known cafe in Amsterdam for its hipster vibes. It is located near Jordaan district and has its own special and unique mood which are added to its menu, furniture, interior design and products. Toki is a cool cafe where young locals go for a cup of coffee and desserts to enjoy its mimalist mood. Usually, modernly designed cafes open in the afternoon but Toki opens in the early morning. If you go in the late afternoon, most of the cakes would be sold out. So, we recommend you to go early if you want to taste those delicious cakes.


Address : Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK Amsterdam

Opening hours : Week days 7:30-18:00 / Weekend 9:00-18:00


Amsterdam Tulip Museum



As most of you know, Tulip is one of the representative in the Netherlands. Do you want to see and know about tulips? In Jordaan district of Amsterdam, you can find Amsterdam Tulip museum. Usually, you can see tulips from March to May but if you cannot have a chance to see tulips, stop by this tulip museum to see these beauliful flowers. When you enter the museum, you will be able to know a lot of stories and kinds of tulips including the history. You can also buy various kinds of souvenirs.


Address : prinsengracht 116, 1015 EA Amsterdam

Opening hours : everyday 10:00-18:00

Admission fee : Adult €5 / Student €3 / Family (more than three) €15


Pulitzer's bar



Pulitzer's bar, which is one of the most famous bars in Amsterdam, is located inside Pulitzer Hotel. The bar is quite dark inside but gives cozy and comfortable vibes. It is a good place to have a glass of cocktail at night. During summer, they have available seats in outdoor terrace which is very beautiful during day or night.  


Address : Pulitzers Bar, Keizersgracht 234, 1016 DZ Amsterdam

Opening hours : Sun - Thur 15:00-25:00 / Fri - Sat 15:00-26:00


Words by Jieun Yoo

Photographs by Yuna Lee