Best svickova restaurant in Prague

Restaurant nearby Prague Castle: KONIRNA

A majority of international visitors likes to try Czech traditional cuisine. You would love to enjoy from Czech pork knuckle to Goulash soup. They are delicious and worth to try. Also, the trip will be more enjoyable if you taste delicious food that fits your taste during your trip. There is a restaurant where you can taste a unique Czech dish, svickova, which can only be eaten in the country. By walking out of the bustling Prague castle, you can enjoy the more peaceful scenery. Only in 10 minutes, you will arrive at Konirna restaurant at a quiet street.


Czech Prague Castle restaurant

This luxurious restaurant is large enough to accommodate almost 240 people with its indoor and outdoor seating. If it is sunny, we recommend you enjoy sunlight while having a typical meal of Cezch Republic.


Prague local restaurant KONIRNA

Svickova restaurant loved by Prague locals

Its interior is not too overwhelming but is neat and pleasant. We visited the restaurant right after its opening hour so there were not many people but when we had finished eating, the restaurant was already full of locals. Likewise, it is a restaurant loved more by locals than travelers. Be yourself as a local in this town. 


Czech traditional dish svickova: Restaurant KONIRNA


One of the traditional Czech food, svickova. Konirna is not only famous for its Czech food, but also for a variety of offers and wine. Especially, they are famous for svickova so it is recommendable to try this dish. Its sauce is based on spices like curry which is very creamy. And they put Knedliky, Czech traditional bread, and beef over this sauce. Knedliky adds a chewy texture and well-cooked beef has a softer texture. The last main part of this dish is topping of raspberry jam and fresh cream. The fruity jam and sweet cream on the main dish might be a little unfamiliar to you, but when you start to eat, you will notice it is a great combination.  


Prague KONIRNA atmosphere

O'bon Paris' tip

Don't you want to go to a restaurant where local people usually have a meal? If you want to try a typical Czech dish, svickova, visit KONIRNA. Also, it is a place famous for a huge brochette. And they serve a variety of wines that make your meal more enjoyable and pleasant. 


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address : Maltézské nám. 292/10, 118 00 Malá Strana, Tchéquie

Transportation : Get on the tram 12, 15, 20, 22, 23 and take off at Hellichova stop. 2 minutes walk from the stop.

Opening Hour : Daily 11:00-24:00