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La vallee village in Paris


Have you heard of La Vallée Village? La Vallée Village is one of the best and the biggest shopping centers near Paris where you can shop more than 110 fashion and lifestyle brand stores with more than 50 percent discount. It is a shopping center with various brand stores ranging from high-end brands to affordable ones. This shopping center opens everyday and is located around 40 minutes from Paris. Also, it only takes 20 mintues by public transportation from La Vallee Village to Disneyland , so you can go to watch illumination show in Disneyland after shopping. La vallée village is designed to look like a pretty small town. Apart from that, this shopping village offers you a winter festival in which you can enjoy a lot of beautiful decorations and special promotion until 17th January, 2020.

Free shuttle bus for LA VALLEE VILLAGE

There are mainly two ways to go to La Vallée Village. The first one is to take RER A and take off at Val d'Europe station and the other one is to takethe  shuttle bus service provided by La Vallée Village near Pyramides station. You can take the shuttle bus service for free using O'bon Paris' discount code "LVSEAOBON" and we recommend you to make a reservation in advance. If you do not book prior to the date you are planning to go, there is a high possibility that tickets for the shuttle service are sold out. It's easy to take the public transporation like RER but bear in mind that it takes around one hour and thirty minutes. Hence, you should also consider the free shuttle bus service. The place to take the shuttle bus is PARIS City Vision or you can simply type the address, 2 Rue des Pyramides in Google map.

La Vallee Village Welcome Center

After getting off the shuttle bus, take a look on your left hand side. You can see Welcome Center right away. Go to welcome center and show O'bon Pairs' La Vallee Village VIP shopping coupon. Then, you can receive coupon book, guidance booklet, and Amorino coupon.

La Vallee Village VIP shopping voucher

In the set of coupons, there is a coupon book where you can have additional 10% discount for six stores of your choice, a booklet where you can check additional discount benefits per store, and Amorino voucher for hot beverages and snacks.

La Vallee Village shopping outlet in Paris

La Vallée Village has been known as one of the best shopping spots. It is located near Paris and you can have different kinds of brand products in a cheaper price. Plus, using the VIP coupon provided by O'bon Paris, you can have additional 10% discount in six stores you choose.  

The main reason why La Vallée Village became a must-visit place for people who come to Paris is because it has more than 50% discount rates and has a substantial number of famous brands compared to other shopping centers.

La Vallee Village shopping

In La Vallée Village, there are all kinds of fashion items including trendy accessories, cool sunglasses, wind-proof ankle boots, coats and leather bags which makes it the best place for shopping. What about preparing gifts for Christmas in advance with products of various styles, brands and prices in La Vallee Village?

La Vallee Village decoration

La Vallee Village can also be considered as a shopping place where you can do shopping and having a trip at the same time since it is beautifully decorated. There are a number of photogenic spots where you can take amazing photos. Also, when you visit La Vallee Village, you can see that a lot of people take a rest and spend time by sitting on outdoor benches which makes you think that you are in a small village of southern France for vacation. At the same time, there are numerous luxuriously decoreated brand stores where you can feel like you are in a high-end department store.

La Vallee Village Amorino Waffle

Using Amorino voucher, you can enjoy hot beverages or food such as hot chocolate and waffles. The hot chocolate is sweet and warm enough and the waffle with nutella is crispy and delicious to enjoy the full flavor. 

La Vallee Village outlet

O'bon Paris' tip

La Vallee Village holds its winter festival until January 17th, 2020. Exclusive Sales begin from October 31st to November 11th. Also, there is the Black Friday from November 29th to December 2nd. Last but not least, Premiere sales start from December 26th to 31st.
During these periods of sales, you can get discounts up to 60% in selected shops by presenting the QR code below or the invitation voucher at the shops.
Plus, to celebrate the New Year festival, La Vallée Village will be opened exceptionnally on the 1st of January, 2020 from noon to 8pm. Apart from that, there will be discounts up to 70% from 1st January until January 26th, 2020.

Don't forget to download VIP voucher by clicking here and get 10 percent additional discount for 6 stores you choose. After enjoying shopping, you can take a rest and enjoy some snacks using Amorino voucher. Also, before going to La Vallee Village, use O'bon Paris' discount code, LVSEAOBON to have free shuttle service. Click here and write down the discount code to book the service, then, you are all set! 

 Words by Jieun Yoo

Photographs by Jieun, Yuka


Address : 3 Cours de la Garonne

Transportation : RER A Val d' Europe Station

Opening hours : Mon-Thursday : 10:00~19:00 / Friday : 10:00~22:00 / Sat, Sunday : 10:00~20:00  / December 24th and 31th : 10:00 - 18:00 / Closed at Christmas / December 26th : 10:00 - 22:00 / January 1st : 12:00 - 20:00

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