LE BAR DES OISEAUX : Old Town Vieux Nice Restaurant



Category: Nice-style French Bistro

Address: 5 Rue Saint-Vincent, 06300 Nice

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, Lunch 12: 00 - 13: 45 / Dinner Time 19: 00 - 21: 45

Price range: around EUR 20



The old town of Nice called Vieux-Nice is an area where the narrow alleys are crowded, as in the old tradition. There are plenty of shops selling accessories, delicious restaurants at reasonable prices, and the bars.

Le Bar des Oiseaux introduced by O'bon Paris is one of the restaurants in the Old Town most loved by locals.



This restaurant that was made by refurbishing a former cabaret. It is a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for meals or to just chill out with friends.


Inside the store, all tribute works of Pop Art are displayed everywhere. What kind of delicious food will come out?



Le Bar des Oiseaux 's recommendation menu for lunch or dinner. If you take a set Menu, you can eat an appetizer, a main, and a dessert for only 20 euros.


Velouté de Lentilles et Perrugines

Sausage, a specialty of southern Italy, perrugine and lentil soup. Velouté (Velute) has the meaning "like a velvet" and in France knoawn as a thick soup. 


Gnocchis aux Pieds-de-Mouton

One dish of mushrooms and gnocchi called sheep's foot (pied-de-mouton). Mushrooms were crispy and very tasty. You can taste also a perrugine sausage.


Risotto Calamar

Every day, Risotto is changing the ingredients in the buying situation. You can enjoy the taste of the season. The day I visited was squid and riccola risotto, risotto made from round grain a little bigger than rice, the texture was fun and fresh.


Crumble aux Pommes

A dessert on which the crackle of rush came on the apples of gentle sweetness. Despite being affordable, dessert was tasty.


When I looked at the kitchen side, lighting a red lamp when the dish was completed is a mechanism they use to inform the hall staff that the food was ready to be served. It's always a plus to be able to look into the kitchen while you wait.



This Restaurant  is on the list of  Michelin Guide which can enjoy three dishes of appetizer, main, dessert with an affordable price. It was a comfortable place for locals to gather. It is a spot you would definitely want to visit if you go to Nice.



Author, Photo : Han Jae Un

Translate by Gisella Azevedo