Fireworks of Saint cloud is a yearly affair which started from 2009.This firework extravagance is the biggest display of its kind in Europe. This year the show is scheduled on 9th September 2017 at Parc de saint cloud.


The show usually lasts for nearly 2 hours.It featured a musical performance accompanied by the fireworks.
The creator & organizer was Patrick Jolly, also the co-founder of De Particulier a Particulier. Jean-Eric Ougier was the artistic director of this anticipated event in cohesion with several other designers of the company.


A show of this scale usually exceeds one million euros. And features various specialties from around the world.

This magnificent firework is showcased every year at Parc de saint cloud.One of the most impressive pyrotechnic shows in Europe with localities and tourists eagerly awaiting for the second Saturday of September to witness this spectacle.

You shouldn't miss this show.The tickets vary from 32 euros to 89 euros depending on your seats. There are food and drinks during the show.


The organizers had also arranged for a VIP Village. This was completely exclusive with a private reception, small ovens, cocktail dinners, open bar, champagne, meetings with the artificers at the end of the show and backstage access. Although this village has limited seats you could book your VIP tickets starting from 215 euros to 258 euro on the official website.


Tickets can be bought at www.le-grand-feu.com/tarifs-reservation


In case you missed the fireworks show this year, we at O'Bon Paris bring you exclusive pictures and videos.










Take a look at the video of the event below:




Author : Mili Nair