Le Mont Saint Michel : made in France



Category : French High Casual Brand

Address:96 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris

Access:Metro Line 8 Saint Sébastien Froissart, Metro Line 1 Saint Paul

Opening Hours:Mon-Sat 11:00‐19:00 / Sun 12:00-19:00



Le Mont Saint Michel is located in Marais area where lots of galleries and concept stores are located. Le Mont Saint Michel is a 100-years-old french brand which has constantly evolved, having old history and know-hows.



Le Mont Saint Michel was created in 1913, specializing in everlasting workwear. In 1998, the brand was taken over by Alexandre Milan and since then it has transformed into an urban and modern fashion brand while keeping the functional soul from their history. Le Mont Saint Michel became famous for its fine french casual fashion. 



The store welcomes you with its cozy, simple, and fashionable interior while the music playing in the store makes you feel comfortable. The clerks are friendly and helpful.  Don’t hesitate to ask any question about size, coordination, and so on.



Now it is recognized as a fashionable brand, but still they are keeping the spirit they had in the beginning. They continually focus on function of clothes.

It is originally from the Brittany region where there are many fishermen, so you can find various casual workwears which has the trendy marine looks, and it is also the specialty of Le Mont Saint Michel.



The main products of Le Mont Saint Michel are work jackets. With its various colors, you can choose depending on your taste. There are choices for both men and women. It is not only the design or color which makes it special, but also the silhouette it creates when you wear it.



The knitwear is also one of their signature pieces. As the designer’s great grandmother was a founder of the knitting factory, he naturally got interested in the knitting industry since he was young and he could learn the knitting techniques under his parents too. Every collection has various knitwear. The texture of knitwear is extremely soft and it is comfortable to wear every day.


Besides their workwear and knitwear, you have choices such as shirts, dresses, pants, and more. You can also make a complete coordination of outfit from the top to the bottom.



Don’t forget to bring O’Bon Paris coupon for Le Mont Saint Michel. When you purchase over 100 euros, you can receive a tote bag like the above picture and you are able to choose a design you want. The design of tote bags are also outstanding, and it is also useful and practical with its large size and strong fabric. 


In addition, if your purchase is over 200 euros with presenting O’Bon Paris coupon, you can get the leather card holder.
Le Mont Saint Michel never compromises on quality while keeping an unique and outstanding style. You will definitely and easily find what you love from Le Mont Saint Michel which is endurable and which you can wear for a long term.


Author : Rei Nishiyama

Photographer : Jaeun Han

Translator : Yuna Lee

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