Le Spicy Home - French fusion restaurant

Category:French fusion cuisine

Address:65 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001 Paris

Transportation:Étienne Marcel Station on Metro Line 4

Hours:8:00 - 2:00, Mon - Sun

Telephone:+33 (0)1 42 33 87 07



Le spicy home is located in central Paris and close to the Centre Georges Pompidou. It is a French fusion restaurant which provides brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktail. Open from 8  in the morning to 2 in the midnight for food and drinks. Their dishes are French style seasoned with spices from all over the world. Every quarter they provide clients a new set of daily specials. Their daily specials of this quarter is inspired by Brazilian cuisine and that of last quarter was by Thai food. You can expect French-Moroccan fusion cuisine from September. 



It is an unconventional French restaurant. We love the interior which is relaxed yet Modern. And although it is in the city, it's a  subtle escape from hustle and bustle to a tropical island.




Avocado mousse with shrimps (Mousse d'avocats aux crevettes)

Avocado mousse is creamy and shrimps and nuts make the dish top notch. The whole combination is a perfect match and we strongly suggest this.


Beef tortilla with red beans (Tortilla de boeuf aux haricots Rouge)

The half-sliced tortilla is delicious. The side salad is adding freshness to the platter and the fried red beans make it very exotic.


Squash thick soup with tapioca pearls and papaya chips (Velouté de christophine, perles de tapioca, chips de papaye)

The tapioca pearls and papaya chips enrich the flavour and present you with an unconventional but mindfully delicious soup.


Main Course

(Jambon grillé, sauce à l’ail et purée à la coriandre)

Grilled ham, garlic sauce and mashed potatoes with coriander.

The special combination of garlic sauce and grilled ham makes for a quite unusual delight.


(Emincé de Poulet au curry vert et basilic thaï, riz basmati)

Sliced chicken with green curry and Thai basil, basmati rice

This dish is Thai cuisine style. The basmati rice is cooked just right and green curry is really irresistible.


Amazonian burger:  chicken, red bean sauce, avocado mousse and French chips (Amazonian burger: poulet pané, crème de haricots rouge, mousse d’avocat et Frites)

Instead of a flag, a chilli is hung on the stick above the burger. Also, the burger is much tastier than those in fast restaurants. 


St. Jacques shell with Thai sauce (Noix de Saint-jacques à la crème)

St. Jacques shell is a famous French cuisine so you can see this in many nice restaurants. The chef used Thai sweet-spicy sauce as an added flavour and the fusion is surprisingly beautiful.



French toast (Pain perdu breton)

French toast is a very classic French dessert. It is a baked toast which was soaked in beaten eggs. It is very palatable and not too sweet. 


Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin was mistakenly made by the Sisters Tatin and surprisingly became popular later. You can eat many big pieces of apple pulps. It is a bit soft but a nice match with cream.



This puff is a chou pastry ball with cream.



It is rare to see a fusion restaurant in Paris. Le spicy home surprised us with their amazing food. If you have a lower budget, we recommend their daily specials. However, if you get the chance to try their dishes on the constant menu, you will know that the prices are worthy for sure. Last, the size of their desserts is bigger than that of other restaurants. It should be enough for two persons to share just one dessert.


Bon Appétit!

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