LES PINCES in Marais

Address: 29 rue du Bourg Tibourg - Paris 4e

Access: Hôtel de Ville station at Metro Line 1 & 11, Châtelet station at Metro Line 1, 4, 7, 11 & 14

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 19:00-22:30 / Friday to Sunday 12:30-14:20 & 19:00-22:30

Price: 25-35 Euro



LES PINCES is located in le Marais of Paris. It is the first lobster restaurant in France and was opened by four lobster lovers. They made this decision after traveling all the way to New York, Boston and Canada just to have the best lobsters in the world.



The wood furnitures and the lobster red napkins decorate the restaurant in an American naval style.


Lobster icons are everywhere.


LES PINCES is open every night. The bar inside the restaurant offers a wide range of wines, champagne and aperitif.


The menu may surprise you. There are only 3 options. One is grilled lobster, another is lobster salad roll and the other is Irish prime rib. All meals are served with fresh salad and French fries.


Grilled Lobster

Grilled lobster is served with exclusive lemon butter sauce. The lobster is packed with flavor and is melt-in-your-mouth tender. It is the most popular cuisine.


The live lobsters are mostly coming from Canada. The chefs are taking care of them carefully and you can see them through this tiny window.


It is very sweet that the bib, wet paper towel, and the tools for eating lobster are prepared and provided by LES PINCES. Made to enjoy the lobster elegantly.


Irish Prime Rib

If you prefer some beef, the Irish prime rib is the best choice. It is served perfectly with crispy black on the outside and rare red in the middle. Sprinkle some sea salt and dress it with exclusive yolk herb sauce on the top.   You will be tasting one of the best prime rib plates in Paris.


Dessert Plate

Don’t miss the dessert plate! Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, French chocolate mousse or American cheese cake with berry jam. Very classic recipes. If you are crazy for cheese cake, don't miss out on this delicious treat.


Kir is one of popular French cocktail that made with blackcurrant liqueur and topped up with white wine. LES PINCES will serve you a free glass of Kir if you present O’bon Paris coupon!



Asides from the one located in Marais, it opens another 2 restaurants, serving everyday lunch (except for Monday) and everyday for dinner!


Address: 28 Rue de Douai - Paris 9e

Access: Blanche station at Metro Line 2

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30-14:30 (Friday to Sunday until 15:00) / Every evening 19:00-22:30 (Saturday and Sunday until 23:00)


Address: 43 rue Mazarine- Paris 6e

Access: Mabillon station at Metro Line 10/ Odéon station at Metro Line 4 & 10

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12:30-14:30 (Friday to Sunday until 15:00) / Every evening 19:00-22:30 (Saturday and Sunday until 23:00)


Author: Yaya Teng

Photos: Jihye