Vichy is located in the middle of France and is known as the "Queen of the Springs". According to legend, when Caesar King went out on a picnic, he discovered the magical effect of Vichy's hot spring water, and Vichy Town opened its hot spring legend. Apart from the well-known global famous skin care brands, there are also some unfamiliar features.



Hotel:Vichy Célestins Spa Hotel 

Adresse:111 Boulevard des États Unis, 03200 Vichy

Price:190,00 €



The correct way to open Vichy's travel is, of course, the "hot spring". Vichy has the only volcanic hot spring in France (Auvergne volcano). The hot spring water here contains particularly rich calcium, copper, iron, sodium and manganese, which can promote the regeneration and healing of epidermis and dermis molecules. From ancient Roman times, people took long queues every day to obtain Vichy volcanic hot spring water.

This hotel is equiped with one of the largest spas in Europe--the Thermal Spa. It offers a variety of leisure items (sauna, treatments, beauty) and a unique Vichy Spa. Guests staying at the hotel can walk directly through the hotel’s own internal access without being disturbed.



It is worth mentioning that there is a Vichy Laboratory, people who like the Vichy brand can visit. There are professional doctors, if you have skin problems, you can come and consult, but remember to make an appointment in advance! There are also many Vichy brand skin care products that can be used.



Vichy's hot spring water is rich in calcium, magnesium and other 17 kinds of minerals and 13 trace elements, and is widely used in external or drinking treatment. Among them, only Célestins hot spring water can be used for daily drinking. It can also cure gastrointestinal problems. The guests who stay at the hotel can taste it for free. By the way, the food made with Célestins hot spring water is the most unique, the taste is really different from other French food!


The N3 restaurant at the Celestine Hotel is a combination of authenticity and pleasure. One of the most special is the mousse made with Célestins hot spring water. If you directly taste such a hot spring with high magnesium content, you will feel very salty and have a strong sense of bubbles, but when you add some fruites, it will give you a different taste!



There is also a hot spring hall in the city center where visitors can visit for free. If you do not have the opportunity to taste at the hotel, you can also pick up a drink here.


The most distinctive feature is the preparation bag worn by the locals, which contains a small glass of hot spring water and can be enjoyed wherever you go. It also reflects the exquisite French life.





Just beside the hotel's spa there is a terrace, which is a highlight of the hotel. It will be a pleasure to experience the fresh air and drinking coffee while watching the slow flow of Allier.



When you arrive in a city and want to learn about the local culture, you can choose to visit the city hall. You may not believe it, but the mayor of Vichy is very nice. If you have a team visit for example, you can contact him in advance. You can always contact him if you have any difficulties. 


Mayor Frédéric AGUILERA is explaining the Vichy history. He said that Vichy is currently applying for the "World Heritage City," so he will work hard for this goal.



The reason why the Vichy spa town can be famous all over the world is thanks to Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoleon III), president of the Second Republic. During his reign, he worked hard to make this spa town the most well-known spa resort. In 2008, it was the 200th anniversary of his birth. Since then, local residents hold "The Napoleon III Festival" each year to eulogize this historical figure.


Once get into the evening hall of the Opera House, this magnificent interior decoration makes people feel shocked! Everyone dressed up, with exquisite headdresses and gorgeous clothes, they pull people back to the 19th century scene of European royal life. Being able to watch a performance while dining here is undoubtedly a double feast for visual taste.


In the evening, most of the people attending the dinner party made clothes for themselves. For example, this girl, who is not a professional designer, spends a full six months on this “Victoria” style of clothing. In addition to admiration, I was moved only because I saw their love of life for art.

This small town of Vichy is also more cute because of these passionate people!



The Napoleon III festival is only hold once a year, so for the next time you can wait until next spring. However, hot spring spas and delicious food are always here. Don't miss it!

Photography, Author | Fang WANG