Louis Vuitton Café

LV Dream : A cultural and culinary place in Paris


Louis Vuitton, France's leading luxury brand, goes beyond fashion and leads culture and art. As such, it is famous for taking the lead in collaborating with famous artists, and does not spare support and investment in artists through places such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation. From Yayoi Kusama, to Jeff Koons, Suprême and Stephen Sprouse, through collaborations with numerous famous artists, the brand has expanded its artistic reach and added youthful enthusiasm and originality to its brand image. This time, Louis Vuitton made a big issue in Paris with an unusual and very creative collaboration.


Louis Vuitton has imagined a café and a chocolate factory on the first floor of their unique place, which will be called as "Maxime Frédéric at Louis Vuitton". Gourmet creations are imagined by Maxime Frédéric. The famous chocolates stamped with the design of the house can also be tasted on this floor. It proves once again that the brand intends to make a name for itself in the gastronomy segment. 


Each cake is displayed like a jewel, making us feel like we are looking at art rather than food. Actually, Maxime Frédéric is the unmissable pastry chef of the year. As the head of the sweet part of the Cheval Blanc Paris restaurant within La Samaritaine, this 32-year-old guy received 3 stars on Passion Dessert 2022 of the Michelin Guide. Last October, Maxime Frédéric had already received the title of Pastry Chef of the Year from Gault & Millau 2022. From his meteoric rise at the Four Seasons George V to his collaboration with chef Arnaud Donckele, discover the journey of the young guy from Normand. 

Maxime Frédéric

Surrounded by tropical plants, Le Café offers its visitors a break in a lush setting and offers an exclusive selection of pastries playing with the House's motifs. With its wide windows overlooking the Seine on one side, the place offers a beautiful view of Paris.

cafe near by seine river

This event is an opportunity to taste desserts made by world-class patissiers while viewing the Seine. It is worth adding to your itinerary as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, gastronomic culture, and luxury fashion brand experience of Paris all at once. Instagrammable photos are a bonus. 

Patisseries parisiennes

The first thing that caught our attention was the chocolate cake with Louis Vuitton's iconic monogram. The taste was as good as the beautiful and original design. Beyond the sweetness, we could experience the standard of a very refined and sophisticated French dessert.

Chocolateries parisiennes

The pastry is very important in French gastronomic culture. According to a survey, more than 1 in 2 French people are "addicted" to pastry. For 58% of French people, a good meal must necessarily end with a pastry and 35% of French people surveyed said they desired to eat a pastry at least once a week. Therefore, it would be a wonderful experience to try the dessert made by a famous patissier, which is part of French culture.

Café Paris

We also tasted a soft latte and a vanilla dessert. Having this latte in the comfortable atmosphere of this cafe will melt away your tiredness from the trip.

Chocolat shop Paris

Of course, we can't just pass by the chocolate shop, which unveils some awesome creations. Articulated creations and delicacies to offer or afford are on the program of LV dream.

Chocolat de Louis Vuitton

The chef, who has become a master in the art of working with chocolate, offers us an assortment of chocolates inspired by Louis Vuitton codes in emblematic cases. These will be a gift that everyone will love.


There are not only cafes and chocolate shops in this space. A two-storey space that reveals a large exhibition presenting a wide selection of historical and contemporary models from the most beautiful artistic collaborations of the brand should not be missed. This new cultural space offers us an immersive journey to highlight the resolutely original collaborations and interpretations imagined in constant dialogue with the House.

Salon de thé Paris

You can also discover the huge gift store, a gift shop that offers unique creations. Books, perfumes, glasses, decorative objects, and small leather goods from the house await you there.


This pop-up space that fantastically combines culture, art, and gastronomy is only open until December this year, so if you are in Paris during this period, we recommend checking it out.


Text : Minchae
Photo : Yuka