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20 Best cafe in Paris

Basically, we could have named this article "Paris café Best 20", but actually the wave is moving things so fast. Indeed, every month a couple of new specialty coffee shop are opening. This is probably why we will try to add some new pearls as soon as we locate and try them.

Sharing a cup of coffee is another way to enjoy your travels in another country and to make them more interesting is by doing a local cafe tour. Exploring local cafes decorated with charming and beautiful interiors and taking a rest between your city tour with coffee could make your journey more enjoyable. There are more and more modern third wave coffee shop the so called specialty coffee in Paris, especially in the Marais district at the beggining, but not only anymore. Nowadays you can find loads of cafes or brunch cafes on each street of Paris. O'bonParis has visited a bunch of those cafes in Paris, and we want to share with you our appreciation of some of the best Parisian cafes. 


Paris cafe near Palais Royal : TELESCOPE



Coffee ★★★☆☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

This cafe is in the center of Paris, in the Opera district which is very close to Palais Royal. There are quite a lot of specialty coffee shop in Paris, but in fact, this one is a long-standing cafe. As they don't have a signboard in front of the cafe, many people just pass by without recognizing its existence that is also why although it is well located it is not so easy to find it (so 4 stars for the location). It is small in size but it is also famous among the Parisians, and even during the weekdays, it is quite crowded. 

We would recommend their iced coffee. If you order iced coffee in Europe, a majority of cafes serve you a little amount of cold coffee like an espresso. But in Telescope you will be satisfied with their quantity. The iced cafe latte doesn't have strong coffee flavor, but a more soybean milk taste, good to know if you are vegan. 


Address : 5 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 7, 14 Pyramides 

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:30-17:00 / Closed on weekends


Paris cafe near Louvre : CAFE VERLET



Coffee ★★★☆☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★★

It is not far from Telescope café and very close to the Louvre Museum. It is a historical place which was opened in 1880. Since then, they have imported the world's finest Arabica beans, roast and brew them directly in their store. They also sell tea, spices, and candried fruit. 

Its interior is one of the most interesting aspects of this cafe. It is luxurious yet has a cozy and calm atmosphere. You can see all of the coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Thailand, Myanmar, Panama, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Dominica, India, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Congo, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cameroon, and Laos. The owner of this cafe used to travel a lot around the world buying beans from diverse countries but since the end of july the café was bought by one of the most influent giant coffee industry company in France Comptoir Richard.

If you order a caffe latte, they serve you the espresso and milk separately, so you have control over how much milk you'd like in your coffee. They try to do medium roast to the beans so that they can brew also with the débelloire (dubelloire) cafe filter press (one of the first way to brew coffee in France from 1800). You can also buy coffee beans and enjoy tea, dessert, breakfast or lunch. Beautiful place, and a large variety of coffee beans are the strong points of this place.


Address : 256 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 1 Tuileries  / Metro line 7,14 Pyramides / Metro line 1,7 Palais Royal Musée du Louvre

Opening hours : Mon-Sat 9:00-19:00 / Closed on Sundays





Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★★

A cafe located on a lively street in the city center is a perfect place to stop by after your lunch and have a cup of coffee. The owner, Gerald, became interested in Australian specialty coffee culture while traveling around Australia. He then returned to France and completed a course to become a barista. He became known as a barista and as a latte artist. After having experience in various cafes, he opened Matamata Coffee.

The name 'Matamata' is derived from the name of a small town of Waikato in the north of New Zealand. In 2008, Gerald's best friend and co-founder of the cafe, Gaël, held a wedding in Matamata, and they decided to call their business as Matamata.

It has a modern and comfortable atmosphere which the two founders had wanted to build. It's place where people can gather together and chat. You can also enjoy their home-made cakes, breakfast or lunch as well as coffee. The coffee that I took was deep and bright at the same time and had several floral aromas besides the sugar cane taste that was constent. You can also buy coffee beans in store. One piece of advice, like me, ask for a Kalita wave of the colombian origin (coffee beans from "Friedhats") they have. With that you might travel to another place for a moment.


Address : 58 Rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 3 Sentier 

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:00-17:00 / Weekends 9:00-17:00


Paris cafe in le marais : BOOTS CAFE



Coffee ★★★☆☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★☆

Unique from the exterior, this is one of the Parisian cafes that is very often seen on Instagram. It was formerly used as a shoe repair shop, and the owners still retain the signboard of CORDONNERIE, which means 'shoe repair shop'. It is a small scale coffee shop with only three tables. As with its scale, the menu is simple too, offering only coffee, tea, and cake. The latte has a very clean flavor, and the portion of coffee is bigger than usual. There are plenty of unique items in the cafe. It is also located very close to a famous editorial shop, MERCI.
Just keep in mind latte, one colleague had a bad experience with the taste of the epresso, obviously this café is famous for using light roasted beans.


Address : 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 Saint-Sébastien - Froissart 

Opening hours : Daily 10:00-17:00


Paris cafe near Pompidou Center : CAFE LOUSTIC



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★☆

A trendy cafe, hidden in Marais district, near the Pompidou Center. If you look from the entrance, you might think that its scale is small but there is more space inside. Because of its popularity in Paris, they recently opened a branch in Marseille, southern France.

The atmosphere is impressive with a cozy and warm concept. The cafe collaborates with a roasting company called Caffenation from Antwerp, Belgium, which is known as the best specialty roasting company in Europe. Likewise, their coffee, cakes, and jams are supplied by premium-quality companies. Their coffee is smooth, sophisticated and has a deep flavor.


Address : 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 3,11 Arts et Métiers

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:30-18:00 / Sat 9:30-18:00 / Sun 10:00-18:00


Paris cafe in Marais : OB-LA-DI



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

It is a famous cafe in Marais district, especially for its unique brunch menu. You can enjoy homemade coffee, brunch, and cakes. Its interior with stylish logos, blue tiles, and marble tables is impressive. The barista was so kind to us.

They work with Lomi coffee beans (FYI, one of the 3 leaders in Paris, an official school and a center of examination of the SCA Europe, they are opening more and more goood specialty coffee shop) so the quality is good. It has a deep aromatic flavors as well as sweetness and bitterness.
It's a popular place but unfortunately not a lot of seating. We will try to visit Lomi café soon...


Address : 54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 - Filles du Calvaire

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:00-17:00 / Weekends 9:00-17:00


Paris famous cafe : PARTISAN



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★☆

A new cafe opened in 2018. The exterior and the interior seem calm, but it is filled with energetic music and the minimalist interior which expresses many emotions. Compared to a majority of other Parisian cafes, this one is spacious.

When ordering coffee, you can choose between Dark Roast Italien and Light Roast New Wave. On one side of the cafe, there is a large roasting machine where they roast and sell the coffee beans directly. There are also other drinks such as iced tea, tea, and homemade lemonade, so those who don't drink coffee can still visit. There are a variety of cakes, and by the way, here, the carrot cake is especially popular.

Their cafe latte is very soft but has a strong sourness to it. Additionally, Partisan Cafe Artisanal is open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays which is exceptional in Paris. It is a good place to stop by before you return to your hostel after a long and busy day. 


Address : 36 Rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 3, 11 Arts et Métiers 

Opening hours : Wed-Thurs 8:30-17:00 / Fri 8:30-22:00 / Sat 9:00-22:00 / Sun 9:00-18:00


Paris pretty cafe : TERRES DE CAFE



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★★

The owner opened the cafe after several years of traveling to find the best coffee in the world, and establishing a strong relationship with award-winning coffee bean producers. It first opened in 2009, and currently, there are three branches in Paris. The owner makes coffee based on the prestigious French gastronomy principles. They emphasize the quality of coffee beans and make high-quality coffee with fresh ingredients and it all comes together with baristas' knowledge with presentation.

According to them, each coffee has its own aroma and it can deliver a variety of scents such as pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, almond, cinnamon, and lemon. The cafe is also recognized as one of the best specialty coffee roasting companies in France by 2017, introducing a 100% French style (à la Française) interpretation of what coffee should be, built on the overarching principles of gastronomy, richness and knowledge of the terroirs. Since then they started to collect the best prize in SCA FRANCE coffee chanpionship. They are an eco-friendly organization by using organic products and recyclable capsules.

To ensure a consistent taste, a computerized roasting machine is used. The cafe latte is smooth and tasty. At the bar are cute yellow chairs in which the guests sit in and the staff freely chat to old and new customers. A few rattan chairs are also a symbol of this cafe.


Address : 14 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 1, 11 Hôtel de Ville 

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 9:00-19:00 / Weekends 10:00-19:00


Paris cafe near Seine : LA CAFEOTHEQUE



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★★★

Gloria Montenegro is a former Guatemalan ambassador and a doyenne who brought the innovation of new cafe culture to Paris. She opened La Cafeotheque in Paris in 2000  and currently she is working as an informal coffee ambassador, visiting numerous coffee farms in South America and Africa. The main purpose to open la caféothèque were to teach the principle of coffee culture and so to create a coffee school were single origin coffee is protected (were producers and coffee farmers are respected for their work). She wanted to open a café were artists could meet and talk and even expose their works and idreas or play music in la caféothéque. (exactly what was done by the genius Franz George Kolshitsky in "the blue bottle" "Zue den blauen flaschen" in 17th century in Vienna). As a leader of Parisian cafe culture, on one side of the cafe, there is a coffee roaster machine at the entrance and on the counter, the coffee beans from various countries are on display. The aroma of coffee fills the cafe.
You will find a large variety of coffee freshly rosted in front of you, from the four corners of the earth.

It is situated right in front of the Seine River just next to the cité international des arts (so were alot of artists are living) and has a slight view of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Its atmosphere is very unique for both outdoor terrace seating and inside seating. One room seems like a Chinese medicine office with a big wall on which there is like a gigantic impressive dresser and on every draw the name of a coffee producing country is written. In the other parts of the café it seems like a library or art gallery. 

There is also a variety of menu items such as chai latte, chocolate, empanadas etc. When you choose a coffee you can chose the origin and the way you want your extraction, I will suggest you to try one aeropress of their Dominican Republic " the don Jimenez" from the pica Duarte region. 


Address : 52 Rue de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 7 Pont Marie

Opening hours : Daily 9:00-20:00


Paris cafe turkish coffee : IBRIK



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

Their red door is the attraction that entices you to enter. The interior is also neat, unique, and familiar. You can find several 'evil eyes', a Turkish symbol of good fortune and protection from the evil. In fact, Ibrik is an unusual cafe combining Latin and Oriental culture. You can enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere with its interior decoration of Byzantines styles. 

As you might have imagined, you can taste unique Turkish coffee here. Ibrik or (cezve) is a teapot used to make coffee in Turkey. There is also a special machine to make an authentic Turkish coffee. They use electricity to warm the sand and put a kettle with coffee and cold water over the sand, then wait until the water boils slowly then take the ibrik off the device and slightly dig one more time the ibrik in the sand, basically the water need to be boiling three time. It has higher caffeine proportion than a regular coffee and it has a deeper and darker taste. If you order Turkish coffee, you can also get it with a typical Turkish Loukoum (delicious sweet jelly).

If dark coffee is too strong for you, try an ordinary coffee. The coffee beans are from Kurt Cafe, one of the famous roasters and cafes in Paris.


Address : 43 Rue Laffitte, 75009 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Notre-Dame-de-Lorette / Metro line 7 Le Peletier

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:00-16:00 / Sat 11:30-17:30 / Closed on Sundays


Paris top cafe : alain ducasse paris



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

Alain Ducasse, the master of French cuisine, opened a new cafe in Paris. He also challenged the coffee industry after the culinary industry. He wants to present the 'Haute Cuisine' version of coffee, like a 'haute couture' in fashion. Indeed he wanted to reflect his own culinary philosophy on the coffee industry to achieve an authentic taste.

Designed with an industrial interior, it looks like a coffee lab and would make dream every barista with all the investments in material thay have done.
Indeed, nothing has been forgotten, you may see all the best tools and machines from the most famous brands. The cafe handles roastings lab and public café on the spot . They use the  "La Marzocco" espresso machine that let us show the "Alain Ducasse"'s logo through the back glass (cross marketing)... Alain Ducasse said that as a star chef, the coffee has to be as good as the other moments of the meal, the coffee is a very definitive period of a meal and has to chosen by terroir like when you chose wine. 
You may also buy the coffee beans directly from them. 
There are also two more branches near Bastille and Luxembourg Park. 

Address : 12 Rue St Sabin, 75011 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 5 Bréquet-Sabin

Opening hours : Tues-Fri 8:30-19:00 / Sat 8:30-19:30 / Sun 9:00-18:00 / Monday closed


Paris cafe near Luxembourg Graden : UN GRAIN DECALE



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

This cafe is conveniently located close to a pretty garden in Paris, Luxembourg Garden. The cafe is neat and tidy, but there are not many tables inside, so you can enjoy a calm and warm cozy atmosphere, like in a friendly place. It is recommended to take off a cup of coffee to go and enjoy it at Luxembourg Garden. The barista acquired Spanish and French cachet and they are members of the Specialty Coffee Association SCA Europe. Besides they are training the candidate to the SCA exams and so they deliver diplomas.
They have won awards at a French coffee tasting championship in 2014, so you can imaginate the great taste of their coffee. This is already guaranteed. 

The coffee beans are arranged according to their origin and terroir the customers can ask for recommandation about the coffee before having their cup filled or they may smell them.
There is also the option to buy coffee beans if they have appreciated what they had. They serve high-quality coffee whose beans are delivered to many other cafes, restaurants, and hotels.  


Address : 3 Rue Vavin, 75006 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Notre-Dame des Champs 

Opening hours: Tues-Sat 10:00-19:00 / Sun-Mon 14:00-19:00


Paris cafe near Eiffel tower : LE MALABAR



Coffee ★☆☆☆☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★★☆☆

A 100% local cafe located between the Eiffel Tower and Invalides. It is a multi-cafe which is operated as a restaurant or bar where you can enjoy brunch, meals and even cocktail drinks. It is open until 2 am so that you can come and visit at any time.

A warm wooden interior captures your attention. You will be impressed with their delicate interior and decoration. As the quality of coffee is the usual level of other French restaurants, it is recommended to visit and enjoy a meal rather than having a coffee, we choose this place for its great atmosphere.  


Address : 88 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 La Tour-Maubourg 

Opening hours : Daily 8:00-02:00


Paris cafe recommendation : ARABICA %



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★☆☆ / Location ★★★★☆ 

It is a very famous cafe in Kyoto, Hong Kong, and in Paris. The symbol '%' is a trademark of this cafe. The founder has been following his father, an entrepreneur of a trade manufacturing company, while he was on business trips. After his graduation, he worked at a trading company like his father and visited various countries for the business. The founder realized that even rich people could not be happy, and he had time to think about life and decided to enjoy a simple and basic life. 

The founder had an idea that a good cup of coffee is needed every day and it will be a basic part of a devoted lifestyle. With his idea, he bought a coffee farm in Hawaii and convinced Junichi Yamaguchi, awarded as a latte art world champion, to start a cafe business with him. Afterward they started to open a lots of coffee shop and even receivend founds from big conglomerate to accelarate the investment in the coffee industry.

It started in Kyoto in 2014 and it grew from there in popularity. In Paris, it is hidden in Beaupassage.
The coffee is so soft and calming that it allows you to escape from the touristic crowds even in the chic middle of Paris.


Address : 53-55 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Rue du Bac

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:00-18:00 / Weekends 9:00-18:00


Paris local cafe : COUTUME CAFE



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★☆☆

It is a well-known cafe since its opening in 2011. A sensible interior, a soft lighting and a great quality of coffee will make you feel relaxed in this impressive place. 

They only use 100% Arabica coffee beans and directly roast them. They also supply to many cafes and famous restaurants around the world as well as in France. They also have various machines or way to extract the delicious nectar from the beans. They brew coffee in a wide variety of ways.
Their flat white coffee is soft and tender. On their menu, the ratio of espresso and milk is clearly explained in the picture, so it is not difficult for people who do not have an expansive knowledge of coffee to order. There is not only coffee but also various drinks, cakes and meals. They are one of the first specialty coffee shop in Paris and their founder is from Australia so it tells a lot about the experience you may have there since the coffee culture in Australia is still what it is, way in advance compare to any other country in the world!


Address : 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 13 Saint-François Xavier

Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30 / Weekends 9:00-18:00


Paris cafe near montmartre : KB COFFEE SHOP



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★★☆

Located near Montmartre, in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris. The cafe is smaller in size that you might think, but there is a long shared table in the center where you can sit back and enjoy a coffee giving your appreciation with perfect strangers. Inside, the warm lighting and the open terrace are both recommended this is just a different way to enjoy your drink. 

They do roast the coffee beans themselves, along with baking their own cakes. As it is a roastery cafe, they use their own coffee beans and sell coffee beans separately, but you have the option to order the filtered coffee of your choice whearas if you are drinking an expresso you won't have the same large choice but only between two origins. The coffee bean is different every day so you can ask what they are serving before ordering. 
If you plan to buy beans there, you won't regret if you try their Panama "Finca haartmann" a delicious bright confusion of winey blackcurrant and chocolate aromas...
They are brewing with Aeropress or Kalita wave as well.


Address : 53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 2, 12 Pigalle

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 7:45-18:30 / Weekends 9:00-18:30


Paris cafe near Saint Martin Canal : TEN BELLES



Coffee ★★★☆☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★★ / Location ★★☆☆☆

A leisurely cafe in Paris, near Saint Martin Canal which is not a famous tourist destination more for hipster, but has gorgeous canals and it is famous for brunch restaurants and cafes nearby. It is made up of two floors, and has a large ceiling fan so that its cooler during the summer. 

Parisian star barista Thomas opened this cafe in 2012 and has been loved by a lot of Parisians. It is known for its acidic coffee taste in mouth which is definitely not from Italian roast.
Anyway the place is very small so don't be surprised if it is crowded during the week-end.


Address : 10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 5 Jacques Bonsergent / Metro line 4, 5, 7 Gare de l’est 

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:30-17:30 / Weekends 9:00-18:00


Paris cafe in Marais : ONI COFFEE SHOP



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★☆☆

A pretty cafe that suddenly appeared on a streeet where nothing special seems to happen until now. The relaxed and comfortable interior is impressive, and many Parisians come with their laptops to work from Monday to Friday. It is a local cafe with few tourists. 

There are various drinks including coffee, fruit juice with mint, ginger, kale, and agave syrup, and various homemade bakeries such as walnut pie, carrot cake, and banana cake. There is also a fantastic brunch menu.

It is a small and cozy cafe. Having cafe latte, sitting on the outdoor terrace, is a great choice. The cafe latte has a mild sweetness taste.
Most of the cafes in Paris are closed early but this one is open until 8 pm.


Address : 10 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 4, 8, 9 Strasbourg-Saint-Denis 

Opening hours : Tues-Sat 8:30-20:00 / Sun 9:00-20:00 / Closed on Mondays


Paris cute cafe : 5 pailles



Coffee ★★★★☆ / Atmosphere ★★★★☆ / Location ★★★☆☆

A hidden cafe not far from Saint Martin's canal that looks small from the outside, although the enterance it is very spacious with a narrow long counter that gives you (if you are inside) a view of the street like you were in the middle. There is a real distinctive ambiance from outside and from inside. 

Their coffee is soft and sweet I remember having a drip from a coffee nice "cabra roaster". The matcha latte had a bit of a flat taste, so we recommend sticking to the coffee.
There are many brunch restaurants and pretty place to go around here, but the atmosphere "inside 5 pailles" is warm and well decorated with scandinavian furnitures. Also I remember that I was in hurry that day and I did not have time to have lunch before visiting the place.  Wether I did not expect anything, I ordered some "egg benedict" and I was really surprised by the taste, that was delicious.


Address : 79 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 4 Château d’Eau

Opening hours : Mon - Fri 8:00-18:00 / Weekends 10:00-18:00


Paris cafe near Montparnasse tower : HEXAGONE CAFE



Coffee ★★★★★ / Atmosphere ★★★☆☆ / Location ★★★☆☆

A roastery cafe located near the Montparnasse Tower where they manage the entire production processes from roasting to coffee making. The author of the book "Coffee is not difficult LE CAFE, C'EST PAS SORCIER", which is called a coffee textbook in France, is the owner of this cafe. Therefore, coffee won't dissapoint you here.

Sometimes, the hexagon is a word for representing France with its geographical shape which is somehow similar to the map of France. It is a little away from the tourist area so that it has a local atmosphere. You can also buy coffee beans they roast and homemade cakes here. 


Address : 121 Rue du Chateau, 75014 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 13 Pernety 

Opening hours : Tues-Fri 8:30-17:30 / Weekend 10:00-18:00 / Monday closed


Words by Youra CHOI, Jessy CORNU, 

Photographs by Yuna LEE, Jessy CORNU

Paris Café Guide

If you are thinking of any other café, and that you feel that it should be inside our list. Contact us and give us your comment and appreciation about it.