Visit the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium


Learn the history at the crossroads of European cultures

Waterloo, at the crossroad of European history, holds the canvas of battlefield and memorial as a reminder of one of the most turbulent periods of our history. 200,000 men from seven nations went into battle, with the loss of some 50,000 men in less than a day. Memorial 1815 was established in 2015 for 200 years anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.


The Lion's MoundTo go up to the Lion's Mound (Butte du Lion), you can access from the entrance of Memorial 1815. This mound is a little work to climb up and has 226 steps and 40m high to the top.


The Lion's Mound picturesThe Lion's Mound was erected at the supposed position where the Prince of Orange (1792-1849) was injured before becoming King of the Netherlands (from 1840 to 1849)


The Lion's Mound viewSince the area was preserved as it was when the battle took place here, you can see the vast panorama view from the top.


battlefield of Waterloo mapYou can see the map and think about how the battle was going on at that time.


Museum in Wallonie Waterloo

Time travel at the Memorial 1815 with 4D film

At the memorial 1815, there are various displays about the battle of Waterloo and Emperor Napoleon. It will take 1 hour if you go through all.


Napoleon WaterlooUnder pressure of the European countries, Emperor Napoleon abdicated in 1814 and went into exile on the island of Elba. The main powers attempted to share Europe out between themselves during the Congress of Vienna. On 1 March 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte landed at Golfe-Juan and headed towards Paris.


Memorial1815 filmYou cannot miss this highlight Gerard Corbiau's 4D film <<At the heart of the Battle>>. The film direction is quite impressive as we can imagine how it was at that time.


Memorial1815 souvenir shopThere are some souvenirs related to the battle of Waterloo and Emperor Napoleon. You can check out the original DVDs, some figures, or Belgian specialty tapestries as well.


audio guide Memorial1815

O'bon Paris' tip

The audio guide is free and there was English, French, Dutch, German. (February in 2019). It will take around one hour and a half to see the museum and Lion's Mound but you can also go to other historical places around here.


Words and photograph by Leona Fujii


Address: Route du Lion 1815, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Opening Hours: 1st of April to 30th September 9:30-18:30/ 1st October to 31st March 9:30-17:30
Price: 16 euros(adult) / 13 euros(senior, student, youth between 7-17 years old)
Website: Click here