Address: 60 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Weekdays (closed on Tuesdays) 10: 00am-5: 30pm, Weekends 2: 00pm-5: 30pm / Capacity: Spring-Summer 8: 00am-8: 00pm, Autumn-Winter 8: 00am-5: 00pm

Admission: 5 euros (student admission free), exhibition period 8 euros, free admission to the gardens


The Museum of French National Archives is an interesting place to learn more about French history. Located in the beautiful 3rd arrondissement, this museum was formerly the Hotel de Soubise. Families with authority at that time were living in the Marais district. Here the Suizubi mansion displays splendid Rococo style.


It is also an important historical and architectural monument. It is a place that has both French medieval architecture style and Renaissance style.


It displays permanent and temporary exhibitions of important national documents. You can also see archives, historical records, and office and residence spaces used by those who previously managed records.


You can explore various historical stories about the history of cryptography, the history of using first-person subjects, the history of using scroll letters, and how to record documents.



It was used as the reception room of the Suizubi residence. In the living room there are eight sculptures carved in relief, each depicting poetry, music, justice, and history. It was also used as a concert hall. The delicate decorations from the ceiling to the wall is outstanding.


Upstairs is temporarly under construction, the boxes containing the actual documents were listed by year, and important historical documents such as the Nantes Edict, Louis XIV, 16 and the last letter of Marie Antoinette are on display.




The hidden gardens of the National Archives are fascinating. Many people love to sit here in tranquility and peacefulness.


The neatly landscaped gardens have benches all over the place providing a haven for the Parisians. 



If you are looking for something extraordinary in the Marais district, I recommend visiting the National Archives of Paris. It is located in the center of the Marais district, so accessibility is easy and there is plenty to see. It is also good to stop for a while to see the garden.


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Translator: Claire Wilmink