Nice carnival, which has been running for more than 700 years since the 13th century, is considered one of the world's three greatest carnivals, together with Rio in Brazil and carnival in Venice, Italy. The carnival is now composed of two parts, a day part and a night part, and the Bataille de Fleurs held in the day has a history of over 100 years featuring large parade floats and glittering light-ups. The night part is more popular.

Dates : February 17, 2018 - March 02, 2018

Place : Massena Square, Place Masséna, English Promenade des Anglais

Entrance : Booked at the official website of Nice Carnival


The large Ferris wheel set up in Massena square is enhancing the festive feeling. Last night 's remnant of the carnival, petals and confetti were scattered all around. From the plaza to the promenade des anglais where the sea can be seen, the atmosphere of the carnival is full of life.



The day part of Carnival is Bataille de Fleurs, which means battle of flowers. Alphonse Karr, a German artist who loved flowers, invented this battle in 1876 and it will continue to be a part of Carnival for the foreseeable future.


Dancers wearing gorgeous costumes will show their generosity of dance in front of the audience. Approximately 1,000 dancers participate in Nice Carnival and more than 15 large parade floats are said to be used.


A parade float filled with flowers. A woman in the photo spreads the flowers of mimosa for the audience.


Some participants perform acrobatic performance, like in the circus. The man in the photo was bouncing around, nearly flying in the air.


People are enjoying this flower battle today just as they were 100 years ago. No one around me will mind the moment I reach out to catch the flowers overhead.


The parade in the daytime lasts about two hours.



The night portion of Carnival starts at 9 pm. As I mentioned at the beginning, there were more people gathered in the evening than in the daytime. A huge parade float is illuminated brilliantly.


2018 The theme of Nice Carnival is "Roi de l'Espace (King of the Universe)". As the universe was a theme, various alien dolls were busy filling up the streets. On the far right of the photo you can also see the float of the Elon Musk ongoing with the Space X project sending people to Mars.


I was able to see a doll that seemed to be satirizing politicians such as Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.


Character with motif of Soviet dog Laika sent to space for survival experiment of creatures of outer space.


This is also French-like satirical doll: French president Emmanuel M. Macron and Lady Brigitte Macron with a long arm like an alien. It is a sight that you can not see anywhere else.


Regardless of age and nationality, tons of people enjoyed the festivities of Nice carnival.


Author, Photo : Han Jaeun

Translate : Gisella Azevedo