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Situated in the heart of Paris just a few minutes walk from the Saint-Lazare metro station, is one of the classiest hair salons in the city: Nicolas Vlaemynck.


Paris best hair salon : Nicolas Vlaemynck

Nicolas Vlaemynck is a personal hair stylist known for his professional work and excellent communication. Now he welcomes his guests in his beautiful reception area that is located in a traditional Parisian building. The interior design has a chic and modern self-designed salon, which can be a safe haven for all visitors. He is not only a private hair stylist, but also a hair artist. He is always aware what are the latest trends and the best beauty product, and he knows more than anyone about what makes hair healthy, yet fashionable. Today, O’bon Paris received a wonderful  opportunity to sit down with him, ask him a few questions and get some advice from him. 


1. What made you decide to become a personal hairdresser?

First of all, my passion is to make women prettier. 

25 years ago, I began my career in Lille at the hair studio Dessange. I received advanced training in Haute Coiffure and it is through my hard work that I am being able to rise to the "standards" of the house. Afterwards, I was invited to watch the artistic director of Dessange, Bruno Piittini work, and I had a revelation that one day it would be my turn!

As many of my customers ask for an outstanding experience with a personal hairdresser, I am ready to offer them pure luxury. That is why I created my salon 3 years ago. 


paris hairdresser interview

2. What is your definition of beauty and Parisian women?

Beauty is the way to express a personality. It is, of course, different in appearance and physique, yet the characteristic is very important. Every woman has her own unique beauty.

The new generation of Parisians are less sophisticated in fashion than before. They always take care of themselves, but they do not try as much anymore. However, they prefer a natural elegance without looking like they tried very hard to look like that.


Paris hair trend 2019 

3. What is the top hair trend of 2019 in Paris?

A new haircut, hair colour, or hairstyle, it is all about embracing what you have been given. Everything works whether you have, curly or straight, thick or thin hair.

Loose and long layers will always be in style for 2019 and we will be pairing them with long fringes.

The other key trend is the effortless, unfussy choped straight haircut. Shorter cuts that have a more lived-in feel, it is the new popular hair for french women in 2019. This cut makes it easier to be worn naturally without using loads of produtcts. Another style is the highlight-based colour which is a typical French hairdressing method. 

Despite what hairstyle, the illusion of having softness throughout is important. In the end, regardless of that kind of hair style you choose, you are a winner.


parisienne hair style

4. What do you think is the difference between Parisians and Asians regarding the hairstyle?

Asian women are similar to Parisian women, they are both fashion forward, and they take care of themselves.

My Asian customers like long layers and color. As their skin is soft and white, and they wear delicate makeup, these cold hair colours suit them.


parisian interview

5. Which celebrity would you desire to style?  

I would love to work for Jean Paul Gautier. I have dreamt of meeting this haute couture designer since I was young. You know, he is the first fashion designer who looks for the models in the street. He has broken a lot of boundaries in the fashion industry. I am sure that working with such a genius would be very exciting.


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O’bon Paris' tip

Nicolas Vlaemynck is working with some of the best high-end ethical products. He takes the best care of women’s hair and their well-being. One of his customers who came from Belgium said that Nicolas Vlaemynck is her most trusted hairdresser for the past 5 years. Like his other customers have said, Nicolas Vlaemynck knows exactly what they were hoping for with a cut and what their hair needed. This is the main reason why they would rather travel to Paris to see Nicolas, than taking a risk with any other hair dresser.

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Words by Fang Liu

Photographs by Yuna Lee


Address: 40 Rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris

Opening hours: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 / Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 to 19:00 / Monday (only with an appointment)

Transportation: Metro line 3, 12, 13 Saint-Lazare Station