Nîmes is a city in the Occitanie region of southern France. It is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes mountains. Nîmes has a rich history, dating back to the Roman Empire when the city was home to 50,000–60,000 people. Several famous monuments are in Nîmes, such as the Nîmes Arena and the Maison Carrée. Because of this, Nîmes is often referred to as the French Rome.


Amphitheater de Nîmes

The Arena of Nîmes is a Roman amphitheatre, situated in the French city of Nîmes. Built around AD 70, it was remodelled in 1863 to serve as a bullring. The Arena of Nîmes is the site of two annual bullfights during the Feria de Nîmes, and it is also used for other public events.


The building encloses an elliptical central space 133 m long by 101 m wide. It is ringed by 34 rows of seats supported by a vaulted construction. It has a capacity of 24,000 spectators and since 1989 has a movable cover and a heating system.


L'Amphiteatre de Nîmes

Boulevard des Arènes, 30000 Nîmes

Opening hours -November - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

March · October 9 am - 6 pm

April · May · September 9 am to 18 ·30 pm

June 9 am - 19 pm

Fee: General EUR 10, Discount Fee EUR 8


Maison Carrée

The Maison Carrée is an ancient building in Nîmes, southern France; it is one of the best preserved Roman temple façades to be found in the territory of the former Roman Empire.The Maison Carrée is an example of Vitruvian architecture.


Carré d'art

The Carré d'art at Nîmes in southern France houses a museum of contemporary art and the city's library. Constructed of glass, concrete and steel, it faces the Maison Carrée, a perfectly preserved Roman temple that dates from the 1st century BC. In 1984, twelve architects, including Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and César Pelli were invited to submit proposals for the museum. A design by the British architect Norman Foster was selected, and the building was opened in May 1993.


Carée d'Art 

16 Place de la Maison Carrée. 30000 Nîmes

Opening hours -November - 10th to 13th February, 14:00 to 16:30

March · October 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock (closed from 13 o'clock to 14 o'clock in October)

April · May · September 10 to 18

June 10 - 19 o'clock

July · August 9:30 to 20

Price:  General 6 euro, Discount Fee 5 euro


Jardins de la Fontaine

The Jardins de la Fontaine is a public park located in Nîmes.Their architectural organization also highlights two major ancient monuments of the city, the Temple of Diana and the Magne Tower.

The Jardins de la Fontaine was one of the first public parks in Europe and is still one of the most remarkable today.


Designed in the 18C by military engineer JP Mareschal, this garden is at the foot and on the slopes of Mont Cavalier, atop which stands the Magne Tower. It was laid out in accordance with the classical layout around the Nemausus spring, spreading forth a supply of water that feeds pools and the canal. In the Gallo-Roman period, this area was the site of the baths, theatre and the temple of Diana which with its surrounding greenery makes for a romantic backdrop.


Les Halles de Nimes- Indoor Market

The indoor market is open every day. Butchers, fishmongers, grocers, cheese shops, wine shops etc. are all here. Especially for travellers, there is eat-in space. You can buy ham, cheese, bread and enjoy in the indoor space.

There are several small bars and dining halls. It is a perfect place to taste the local food and imbibe the culture.


Les Halles de Nîmes

Bureau des Halles 5, rue des Halles 30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 7 am - 13 pm, Sundays and Public Holidays 7 am - 13.30pm


Although Nîmes is a small town that you can walk around and explore a day is not enough to visit all the main attractions. To visit the ruins of the ancient Roman era, you can buy the tickets Pass Nimes romaine (general rate 13 euro, discount rate 11 euro valid for 3 days) common to the towers of the round stadium + Maison Carre + Magne.

Directions from Paris to Nîmes


About 3 hours from Paris Gare de Lyon station

Budget: 20 - 120 euro Depends on reservation time and season

Available from SNCF website



About 11 hours from Paris ~

Budget: 15 euros -

OUIBUS, Flixbus, etc