The best seafood bar in Brussels

Brussesls best seafood bar

In the heart of Brussels, there is a joyful seafood bar, Noordzee. The bar is located in a fishmonger that sells fresh seafood from the North Sea. In the bar space, you can enjoy modern seafood cuisine with the freshest products from the sea. If you are looking for the best seafood bar during your trip to Brussels, this is the right place.

Unique Brusselian seafood bar loved by local people

Noordzee the most popular seafood bar in Brussels

All seafood served in the bar comes from the fishmonger La Mer du Nord which is located right next to the bar. All seafood is carefully selected by the breadth of knowledge of its captain who is hugely passionate about fish. Thanks to his love, the quality of the product are always the finest. With delicious food, you might have an extraordinary experience surrounded by the enthusiasm and fascination of Brusselian local people.

Noordzee pictures

Noordzee is a warm family-style bar. Staff will heartily welcome you and serves the food with much love. Surrounded by this cozy atmosphere, with a glass of wine, you can enjoy talking with friends at an outside counter, or inside the bar counter. 


Freshly cooked seafood

Seafood Soup

Brussels what to eat

Served very warm and rich in nutrition, this soup would be the best starter for your meal. It’s made of many seafood and vegetables, served with a small baguette.


Arnaalkroket (Croquette de crevettes)

the best croquette in Brussels

Gray shrimp croquette is something you must not miss in Belgium. Grey shrimp is Belgian traditional fishing, especially in Oostende. Not as you might imagine from croquette, these croquettes are a little fancy food in Belgium, which costs more likely 10 euros for 2 pieces at least. It’s rich in taste and very creamy.


Razor clam

Brussels tapas bar

If you have never tried this seashell, just take it. Flavored with spices, Razor clam is very fresh and mouthwatering. When we visited Noordzee and tried this, this was too good that we finished one plate by one person. 



Oyster restaurant in Brussels

Oyster is a good key which can show that the restaurant serves fresh food. Its rich flavorful taste is just excellent. Squeeze lemon and Bon appetite!


White wine

What to eat in Brussels

Don't miss a glass of white wine for a perfect meal with Noordzee's seafood dishes. It goes perfectly well.


O'bon Paris' tip 

The best restaurant in Brussels

There is so much recommendation that is impossible to write all here in one article. You should just go and try out whatever you feel like, or you can also ask Noordzee’s kind staffs for the seasonal recommendation. Enjoy your meal!


Words and photographs by Leona Fujii


Address: Place Sainte-Catherine 50, 1000 Bruxelles,

Website: Click here