Nuit Blanche 2017

The first night of October in Paris is said to be white. Nuit Blanche, a Parisian event that was promoted publicly for several months. I watched the lightly walk by saying that I could not see everyone even if I stayed all night.


The slogan of this year's event was 'Vivre ensemble', where many artists participated.


Institut du monde arabe

France, which is called Melting Pot, which means "multi-ethnic country" with the United States. In modern times, Arab culture has become a culture that must go together in France. The Arab Culture Center attracted people's attention with the exhibition "100 Modern Arabic Masterpieces of Art" and lighting arts embroidered outside the building.

L'hôtel de Ville

Living together, Vivre Ensemble 'showed a profound installation art to the city hall to match the event slogan. Container boxes in the photographs were made by an artist group called "What to do, Chto Delat," and they were devoted to the revolution in modern times.


The installation symbolized many of the revolutions from the Russian October Revolution to the recent Syrian Arab Spring


"Barricades block the way. But it opens the way."


In the space surrounding the container box, there was a documentary about the Syrian democratization revolution "Arab Spring"


Église Saint-Merri
In St. Mary's Cathedral around the city hall, lighting art prepared by CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT was prepared. It was crowded with people trying to enter the entrance.


A view of the cathedral that barely penetrated the crowd. The bloody lights gleamed like psychedelic, stained glass and stained glass, and the singing music filled the whole cathedral with light and sound.


And the smoke of smoke added the mystery atmosphere of the performance


I came out with a lot of crowds behind. The picture is the exterior of the cathedral.


Centre George-Pompidou

A lot was waiting for Pompidou Center not too far from city hall. Particularly impressive is the work of Indonesian artist group Luang Rupa Ruangrupa. I set up a cart with music, karaoke, DJ set on the theme 'Do not make art, make friends'. The fixture was made from recycled materials and could also be used in Indonesia where infrastructure is not developed.

There is also a free exhibition of Hockin, but it is advisable to visit at least 10 hours before visiting for a visit only for the exhibition because you have to wait at least two hours.


It was too long for the exhibition to be free in the Grand Palais, and it seemed to be a personal event for the Petit Palais.

In fact, this time out was a failure. I had to sell more to find good performances. However, there is no need to do this in Paris, where the 365-day event is overflowing. There 's a lot more good on the other day.

In addition, the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Louvre, Invalides, etc, did not participate in the event, and generally exciting performances were held in poorly protected areas and are not recommended for travelers.