The most authentic Belgian restaurant in Ghent

Pakhius Michelin restaurant in Ghent

The origins go back to Thursday, 10 October 1991, the day that the founders chose to inaugurate Brasserie Pakhuis and gave a new lease of life to a beautiful building in the center of Ghent.


A unique restaurant in Ghent

Pakhuis the best restaurant in Ghent

Pakhuis has such a unique layout of the terrace. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant first before the delicious meal arrives at you.

Pakhuis open kitchen renovation

Pakhuis is replaced by a transparent open kitchen with fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables. Renovation works have done in the kitchen and the terrace in 2016. 

bar in Ghent, Pakhuis

There is also a bar just on the left when you enter the door. If you wish to drink, come, and sit at the bar counter and enjoy your relaxing time. 

Pakhuis organic food

The food from Pakhuis is the passion and the pride of farmers, producers, craftsmen, and all the professionals. All the great dishes come from their quality guarantee, working with good suppliers and with local, organic, and fresh products, all of that makes the difference in taste.


Authentic Belgian cuisine you cannot miss

Home-Made Shrimp Croquettes with Lemon and deep-fried Parsley

Home-Made Shrimp Croquettes with Lemon and deep fried Parsley

For your starters, we recommend this 'Home-Made Shrimp Croquettes with Lemon and deep-fried Parsley'. Once you try this, you will never forget its crunchiness on the outside and creaminess on the inside that melts immediately in your mouth.


 Oysters Spéciale de Saint-Vaast, N°4, Patrick Liron, La Hougue

The best poster restaurant in Belgium, Pakhuis

At Pakhuis, you cannot miss oysters which are farmed by French and Dutch producers and fostered in Ireland, makes such a rich taste that is worth to be called the milk of the sea. It goes truly well with champagne.


Steak "Tartare", "West Flemisch Red" (raw mince) with French Fries and Mixed Salad

beef tartare, menu at Pakhuis

We ordered beef tartare, with organic salad and Belgian fried potatoes. 'Smakelijk'! (Enjoy your meal) 


O'bon Paris' tip

Pakhuis beer, home-brewed beer

For those people who keen on great dishes and dining, Pakhuis is the restaurant that you cannot miss to visit in Belgium!


Author and photographs - Leona Fujii


Address: Schuurkenstraat 4, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Transport : Take tram 1 at Gent Sint-Pitere station to the 'Gent Korenmarkt perron5' stop and 3 minutes by walk
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30-1:00/ Friday and Saturday 11:30-2:00
Website: Click here