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In this article, we introduce the perfume Brand Maison Burdin, a family niche fragrance brand created in 1937 which offers 7 perfumes with very unique and authentic fragrances 


What Is a niche fragrance?

A Niche fragrance is created by an independent Perfume brand that only makes perfume (and not other types of products). Their creations are usually more unique and artistic than commercial brands. Niche perfumes are opposed to Designer perfumes from luxury companies and fashion houses, which are not focused on perfumes, and spend a lot of budgets on Marketing. Designer perfumes can be found everywhere (department stores, duty-free shops in airports, many websites…) such as Chanel, Hermès, Dior… Whereas Niche Fragrances are produced at a much smaller scale and are harder to find.

niche perfume fragrance Paris France

Choosing a niche Fragrance is a bold choice but also a smart move. A niche fragrance will offer a much more unique experience and character, with less conventional scents than the big Designer brands perfume. Designer perfumes are often less daring in their formula and choice of ingredients (synthetic substitutes instead of natural ingredients) whereas niche perfume brands are not afraid to experiment with unprecedented compositions of precious ingredients.

These unique fragrances are also rare and worn by a very small among of people: niche brands usually produce a few thousand perfume bottles per year, while most of the big brands produce millions of vials every year (perfumes with a recognizable character that everyone seems to wear). Your chance to meet someone wearing the same niche perfume is very rare, which gives you the opportunity to have a unique scent. Last but not least, with niche Fragrance you support perfume creation and family businesses: you also pay for the quality of the fragrance and it’s creativity (whereas marketing costs represent 30% of mainstream brands perfumes prices). 


Maison Burdin, a Parisian niche Perfume Brand since 1937

Most of the Parisian perfume brands are quite new, it is relatively rare to find niche brands with a long history like Maison Burdin. The Brand was created in 1937 by Stephane Burdin. He was selling his creations in his own prestigious “Parfumerie” (Perfume shop). These unique perfumes characterized by sophisticated accords quickly became trendy among the Parisian bourgeoisie before WWII and were considered as a reflection of the quintessential elegance of Paris.

Maison Burdin 1937 perfume fragrance

The attachment of the family to this legacy ended up with the relaunching of the brand by Stephane’s grandchildren in 2014. The historical fragrances were revisited and modernized by two talented perfumers, Véronique Nyberg and Nathalie Feisthauer, and new ones were also created (but kept the spirit and originality of the first creations). It is rare that a brand with such a long History kept being a “family business”: whereas most traditional French brands were sold to big international groups, Burdin’s family always refused to let the brand go out of the family. Nowadays, the brand is managed by Christine Burdin, the granddaughter of the founder.

As a niche brand, it is not “easy” to find perfumes Burdin, which makes it more desirable: the perfumes are only sold in the two Parfumerie Burdin, and in very few other shops around the world. If you visit the Parfumerie in Paris, shop with our coupon and enjoy a 10% discount on Burdin’s perfume (click here to access it).



Discover Burdin's perfumes and choose the one that suits you the best

French niche fragrance maison burdin

Burdin perfume collection is composed of 7 unique creations, very different from each other. But they all embody, in their own ways, Burdin’s values and philosophy: excellence, sophistication, and individuality. The importance of individuality in the DNA of the brand reflects the fact that everyone can find a fragrance that matches his personality and style. The perfume can be divided into the Collection Or (gold collection), modern interpretation of the historic fragrances: Emmène-moi, les Beaux jours, Paris Minuit, and Tinoutcha. And the new collection Platinium, created in 2021: Amoroso, Sans témoin, En Garde. The perfumes are all created and manufactured in France.

To help you get to know each of the perfume, and see which one could fit you, we shortly introduce each of them in this section. However, if you have the chance to visit Parfumerie Burdin in Paris, there is no better way to discover a fragrance than to try it in the perfume shop!




Burdin perfume paris Amoroso

Amoroso (which means “lovingly”) is inspired by the olfactive experience of walking through a traditional garden of Provence and is characterized by a woody scent and fruity aromas.

Top notes: green citrus and lavender

Heart notes: sweet fig

Base notes: Profound and musky (cedarwood, spices)




Emmenez moi perfume Paris Burdin

Emmène-moi means « Take me » and is inspired by the Romantic side of Paris and the poetic places of the Seine river. With the luminous emmène-moi, you feel the Parisian spirit and poesy all year long.

This enchanting fragrance has a unique floral and fruity signature, with sensual notes.

Top notes: Bergamot, Italian lemon, and black pepper

Heart notes: Osmanthus, Neroli, Lily of the Vally

Base notes: Cedarwood and musk



Les Beaux jours

les beaux jours fragrance perfume paris niche brand

Les Beaux jours embodies the spirit of warm Parisian spring and the joy of the returning of good weather after winter. You feel like a flower awakening and blooming in springtime.

It’s a unique combination of Fruity headnotes, Floral heart, and softness carried by the base notes, which creates a sensual accord that delights the senses. This fragrance is particularly appreciated in Russia.

Top notes: lychee, pomegranate, clementine

Heart notes: Madonna lily, Jasmine, Turkish rose

Base notes: white cedar, vetiver, musk



Paris Minuit

Paris Minuit Perfume fragrance Burdin Paris

Paris Minuit is an ode to a mysterious and enchanting Parisian night. It evokes nocturnal intrigue and parties of the high society as well as the magic of the night, like in Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris”.

This elegant feminine fragrance is made for seduction, with a fascinating and magnetic olfactory signature.

Top notes: pink peppercorn, bay leaves, mandarin zest

Heart notes: orange blossom, ylang-ylang, sweet Gardenia

Base notes: amber, vanilla, patchouli




Perfume Paris Burdin Tinoutcha

Tinoutcha was inspired by a romance between a French artist and a Russian ballet dancer for the Bolshoi, in the 1930s. Tinoutcha symbolizes the brightness and flamboyant world of ballets. Its fruity and subtly sweet fragrance conveys romantic passion. It has fruity top notes, delicate and sensual flower heart notes.

Top notes: Pear, Peach

Heart notes: Osmanthus flower, Turkish rose, jasmine, violet

Base notes: Oudh, sandalwood, cashmere wood



Sans témoin

Sans temoin Perfume paris Burdin fragrance

Sans Témoin (means without witnesses) evokes a secret night-time escapade in the Paris of “La Belle Epoque” and Arsène Lupin. It’s a sensual and magnetic perfume with a unique mood of mystery and endless night. This amber and vanilla-scented fragrance leave behind an opulent and addictive trail.

Top notes: Bergamot, lily of the valley

Heart notes: amber cedarwood, patchouli

Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean



En Garde !

niche men perfume Paris burdin en garde

En garde ! is the most masculine perfume of Burdin’s collection, with a woody and spicy scent. It means “on guard”, a call to a swordsman to adopt a defensive stance in readiness for an attack. It’s an homage to the art of French fencing and French gentlemen fighters, like the Musketeers and the valorous d’Artagnan. It perfectly balances intense freshness and masculine sensuality.

Top notes: Bergamot, black and pink pepper

Heart notes: Geranium, Pine resin

Base notes: Mineral, cedarwood, tonka bean


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Author: O'bon Paris Team

Photos: Thuy and Yuka

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