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Souvenir brings your travel memories alive at home and makes them long-lasting. It is also a good way of expressing your care for your loved ones, as well as sharing your special experience. Paris has countless gift shops everywhere, making you lost and sometimes falling for them. Moreover, many souvenir shops only provide cheap products which are made very far away from France. Here are some of the qualified souvenir shops we selected, that you can easily stop by in the middle of your journey. We will also propose you a few souvenir ideas.



Paris est toujours Paris

Paris est toujours Paris

If you want to get souvenirs or gifts representing France, you will definitely like Paris est toujours Paris shop. (It means Paris is always Paris in French). Located in Passage Jouffroy, one of the most famous passages in Paris, you can simply walk around near or in the passage, and also enjoy a souvenir shopping. Most of them are made in France, and unique.

paris souvenirs

Have you ever gone to a famous tourist destination and been disappointed by the shops that only have cheap souvenirs at a glance? You don't have to worry. At Paris est toujours Paris, they even have Laulhère, a luxurious brand of berets, and a French luxury tableware brand Gien, and striped t-shirts of Saint James. Explore various collections of souvenirs in this little treasure store. 

Saint James discount paris

Striped T-shirts, which were originally practical work clothes and uniforms, it is evaluated as fashionable everyday wear such as jeans, and it became very popular among celebrities enjoying vacations at resorts in southern France in the 20th century, Photos of Picasso and Audrey Hepburn wearing Saint James striped tees are now very famous. Representing the classic French style, the brand's tees are very light and soft. The Saint James t-shirt gives off an elegant and sophisticated impression no matter where you wear it. Although these brand products are handcrafted in a Normandy factory using pure cotton, the price range is quite affordable.

Gien discount

In this shop, you can also meet the famous French porcelain brand Gien. Gien is a French porcelain brand that was created in 1821 and boasts a whopping 190 years of tradition and history. It belongs to Comite Colbert, where only the best brands can join. Even now, they maintain the traditional manufacturing method of the past and produce ceramics with their own long-term know-how. Giang's pottery is loved by people all over the world beyond France thanks to its rich colors, artistic design, and use of eco-friendly materials. If you want to make a valuable gift for your loved ones, we recommend Giang Porcelain. Although they are high-quality pottery, if you buy them locally in France, the price is reasonable compared to other places.

luxury brand of berets

If you want to buy a special and practical souvenir, we recommend the handmade beret. This boutique sells berets from a luxury brand of berets, LAULHÈRE. Different colors of berets are displayed on the wall and there is a video that shows you how the beret is made. The berets from LAULHÈRE are hand-made and 100% wool, which can be warm in winter, and cool in summer. With the help of friendly staff, you can choose the color and size that best suits you. They are made in Pyrénées, and much better quality than the cheap berets you can find elsewhere.

le petit prince souvenirs

The little prince, a character from the French writer Saint-Exupéry, is loved all over the world. There are a variety of items related to "Le Petit Prince" there, such as pencil cases, pouches, mugs, hand mirrors, pencils, eco bags, etc. You can also find souvenirs and household goods with the Little Prince drawn on demand. The snowball with the Eiffel Tower and the Little Prince caught our eyes. Aren't they so adorable?

paris souvenirs shop

Here you can also find quality souvenirs such as postcards, music boxes, T-shirts, and umbrellas that will make your trip more memorable. If you are looking for a great gift at a reasonable price, this is a place you should not miss. High-end brands such as Giang and Saint-James mentioned above can also receive a 10% discount with the O'Bon Paris voucher (click here to download it).



Montmartre Je t'aime

Montmartre je taime

Montmartre has a lot of attractions including the famous Wall of Love. Montmartre Je t'aime is the official store for the Wall of Love goods, just a stone's throw from the place which charms lovers coming from all around the world. You can find souvenirs themed on the Wall of Love, the iconic artwork of Montmartre, the home of artists.

je taime wall Montmartre

After taking memorable pictures at the Wall of Love with your companion, it is best to get some Wall of Love goods to keep the moment unforgettable. You can find lovely items such as printed mugs, trays, pencils, and notes for a reasonable price.

Montmartre souvenirs shop

Besides, you can see small and cute souvenirs that symbolize Paris. Pretty postcards or snowballs would be a very careful gift for others. You've got also French artist Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince cards, Eiffel Tower figures, eco bags, and so on. These compact-size items are perfect for carrying in your suitcase, so you won't have any overload problems when traveling.

Montmartre shopping

Without counting being the only official Wall of Love shop, the reason why Montmartre Je t'aime is the best souvenir place is the Parisian touch and quality that you can see in each item. Good prices and decent quality catch even locals searching for present ideas.



Héritage par Laulhère

Héritage par Laulhère

If you are looking for some special and useful souvenirs, the beret will be the one. It is quite a cliché that French people wear berets, but that's what makes things fun during travel. You can put it on by yourself for getting the most Parisian-ish pictures ever or give it to your dear ones as a present for inspiring a Parisian mood. Héritage par Laulhère is definitely the right place for it.

Laulhère berets

The Laulhère berets are made up of high-quality fabric shaping the elegant silhouette. The precious details with the silver button and logo show the pride of the specialty. A range of colors and designs are here to satisfy every taste, making your look brighter and chic.

made in france berets

The Laulhère berets are completely handmade by French craftsmen. You could easily find out the experts' meticulous touch here and there.

berets paris

Héritage par Laulhère presents a limited collection every season to add a more fashionable sense to your style. Don't miss O'bonParis' coupon to get a luxury and authentic beret at a discounted price.


 Text & Photos : O'bon paris Team

Paris Souvenirs


Address : 47 Passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 Grands Boulevards

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-19:00



Address : 7 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-18:00



Address :7 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-18:00

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